Soul Connection

    The Power of Prayer

    “Prayer is Spirit speaking truth to TRUTH”
    The practice of prayer has radically changed my life in these last 6 months, and even though I have experienced a lot of personal resistance and blocks around  the word ‘prayer’, I couldn’t let that resistance or fear of judgement prevent me from sharing my insights and experience of, what I have come to know as a very powerful tool.

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  • summer of love
    Soul Connection

    A Summer of Surrender and Magic

    In May of this year, I finally surrendered and let go, COMPLETELY.I have been in the ‘Surrendering Process’ for a while, but this was the removal of everything that I had been attributing my…

  • The Power of Prayer
    Soul Connection

    Spiritual Lethargy

    At this time, I believe that there is a palpable urgency for us to be FULLY AWAKE & SOUL EMPOWERED.For ourselves, and for the sublimely beautiful planet that we live on, the TIME IS…

  • i am dying - cora darlington
    Soul Connection

    I am dying

    I AM DYING… And so are you.From the moment that we are born, we are both living and dying simultaneously.Death is a natural part of what it means to be human but somehow, we are…

  • eyes closed cora darlington
    Soul Memo

    Eyes closed but WIDE AWAKE

    When I first began to meditate I wondered why my eyes needed to be closed? I was genuinely curious, but I was also more than a little scared of what I would find there…

  • journey to the phenomenal woman cora darlington
    Soul Connection

    The journey to your PHENOMENAL WOMAN

    Are you a powerful manifestor, but yet are still not experiencing the happiness and joy you thought you would feel?Have you read a thousand self-development books, listened to endless inspirational speeches on YouTube, and…

  • loving permission to just be still - cora darlington

    Loving permission to JUST BE STILL

    There are times when you have to give yourself full and complete permission to just BE STILL, breath, nourish and nurture YOU.For a little while, I have had to do just that... …

  • the gift of forgiveness - cora darlington

    The gift of forgiveness

    Hellooooo Beautiful ones,Let’s talk about FORGIVENESS!I have chosen this particular subject because just lately it is coming up A LOT, both personally and with my coaching clients... …