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A Summer of Surrender and Magic

summer of love

In May of this year, I finally surrendered and let go, COMPLETELY.

I have been in the ‘Surrendering Process’ for a while, but this was the removal of everything that I had been attributing my stability to.

I sat on the beach holding hands with my husband and made my leap.

I was terrified, but I leapt.

I was crying, but I leapt.

I had spent the biggest part of my life on this planet scared of life, but I leapt.

I quite literally felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff, KNOWING that jumping was the most powerful thing I could do, but at the same time, it felt like I was absolutely jumping into the unknown.

But, there was one thing that I did know for SURE. There was one thing that wasn’t unknown to me, and that was that the Universe, Source, God, LOVE, was calling me and would support me in following my calling and my bliss.

In that one, heart-pounding moment I knew that it all had to come down to this one conscious choice.

Was I going to remain a slave to my conditioned, fearful, and limited mind, or was I going to let it ALL fall away and surrender FULLY into the arms of the Universe?

I let go.

I physically felt the sensation of falling.

And then I felt…

Sweet relief, freedom, power, ease, beauty, grace, LOVE, and an absolute knowing that all was, and would continue to be well.

What followed can only be described as


Within the first week of me taking my final leap, which in my case came in the form of me exiting a job that spanned over 10 years of my life and was well paid and with a rather lovely company car, I had tripled my previous income and entered into what felt like a dream.

A dream FULL of my favourite things, writing, working with amazing women, SUP Boarding, collaborations, yoga, family time, meditation, and lots and LOTS of space.

I LOVE SPACE to just breath and be, and it has taken me a long time to give myself unapologetic permission to have it, in abundance.

I moved through my days with a sense of ease and stability that I have never experienced before and felt almost guilty for the ease and fun of it all.

I am telling you this for one reason and one reason only, and that is to demonstrate to you that ease, abundance, and perfect support are your birthright and that following your bliss will ALWAYS be supported.

But, we are hard-wired for the struggle, and we don’t believe that it can be easy. We expect to have to sacrifice, and so that is our experience.

We also don’t believe that we are worthy of a life of ease, we judge ourselves harshly and continually, and in doing so we separate from our Divine Source that only sees us as perfect and whole.

In essence, we cut ourselves off from our own worth and power.

I speak with SO many women that are hearing the call of their Soul calling them toward their bliss, but they are too scared to go, not quite believing that they could be ‘lucky enough’ or worthy enough to create a life that feels truly Phenomenal without struggle and sacrifice.

As I work with these women to dissolve their limiting perceptions and beliefs, I witness the magic that occurs, when they too, let go.

Why is this work so powerful and meaningful?

Because it sets us truly free to LOVE ourselves and our lives.

In that state of freedom, we are at our most powerful, and when we are at our most powerful we are able to influence real change in the world, and that is PHENOMENAL!

So, my beautiful and precious sister can you open space in your heart that allows you to believe and know that you don’t have to struggle in this life, that you can feel ease and joy without sacrifice?

My wish is that you can, and in those moments when you catch a vision for your life that feels right and inspires you, that you do not second-guess it, because it can be yours if you choose it.

I just wanted you to know that.

Love & Light

Cora x

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