I am a Radical Self-Nurture & Emotional Resilience Specialist with over 20 years of experience in coaching and mentoring women in taking their care to a whole new level.

What can seem selfish and indulgent at first, is in fact, the only way to live a rich and thriving life.

All too often I see women completely lose themselves in the momentum of life and business, they are often sick and overwhelmed and totally disconnected with the things that would have them feeling connected to themselves and their lives.

In essence, they no longer know who they are, or what they truly want.

I believe that every one of us has a powerfully creative spirit and an innate knowing of what is right for us, but it is critical that we create the right conditions and environments for ourselves to be able to unlock that power, clarity and aliveness.

I specifically work with women that know what it is like to deal with burnout and struggle and are completely ready to do what is necessary to put their own nurture at the centre of their lives.

I give these women the time and support they need to reconnect with their heart and soul, gain absolute clarity on what they want, and the tools and strategies to create a life for themselves that feels joyful, meaningful, and rich, DAILY.

If this is speaking to you then there is something I want you to know…

The truth. No-one is going to give you permission to put your needs first.

YOU are the permission.

YOU are the creator of your life experience and the ONLY one that truly knows what is best for you.

And, it’s time.

Time for you to create a life of pleasure and joy, one that honours your wholehearted needs and desires.

β€œThe external world is a canvas where you paint with the colours of your Soul”