About Cora Darlington

I am a specialist with over 20 years of experience in coaching and mentoring women to take their self-care, joy and effectiveness to a whole new level, with remarkable results.

It is my life’s work to help a woman to stop living a from a place of depletion and overwhelm and instead create a life experience for herself that feels and is sustainable, joyful, exciting, alive, and rich in EVERY way.

I know that a balance of a thriving business, a daily sense of happiness and calm, loving relationships and time for yourself are entirely possible, and it begins with your approach to YOU.

Right now, you are constantly swimming upstream rather than finding your own flow.

And it isn’t that you don’t know what you should do, it is just that it all seems so impossible to achieve.

It is because in the ‘trying to have it all’ you have forgotten that you are the centre of it all.

I help you to connect to your life and your habits, patterns and choices to naturally reveal what is most important to you so that you are empowered to create an authentically powerful and joyful life.

Over my career, I have developed a proven method that deals with the very real behavioural blocks that have us continue to do the things that do not work for us, even though we desperately want our lives to look and feel very different.

There is a way to have it all, but it requires a radically new approach to time and self that I have spent the last 5 years mastering, and now want to share with you.

This is not about you changing who you are, this is about you knowing who you are so that you can create a framework that fully supports you every single day.

If this is speaking to you then there is something I want you to know…

The truth. No-one is going to give you permission to put your needs first.

YOU are the permission.

YOU are the creator of your life experience and the ONLY one that truly knows what is best for you.

And, it’s time.

Time for you to create a life of pleasure and joy, one that honours your wholehearted needs and desires.

“Nurture your great spirit to become your greatest self”