Here I Am

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Coach and Mentor, and I care deeply about supporting women to uncover their Authentic Power and create lives that feel meaningful, passionate, and successful.

I believe that in order to do that, we must learn to have the courage to look inward and find out what we really want, and why.

Ultimately, we must be ready to take full responsibility for our life experience and take the necessary action to live our lives the way that we truly desire.

I am describing a new way of BEING in the world, one that calls for you to listen to, and trust your natural wisdom and intuition. And one that calls for a willingness to do things differently, see things differently, expand, grow, and evolve.

The time has come to put down the self-development books and begin the work of learning how to connect directly to your natural guidance and knowing.

Who I used to be

Someone that was full of fear and struggle but found a way to experience real courage and ease.

Full of self-doubt, lack, and limitation but learnt how to embrace my own Authentic Power.

Lost with no purpose or direction but now live with a permanent sense of stability, meaning, and passion.

I once was my own worst enemy but learnt how to be my own true love.

The things I KNOW to be true for me that I most want to share with YOU

That you are SO much greater than you have been led to believe.

That your life can be truly PHENOMENAL when you finally stop struggling and trying to control.

That fear cannot control you once you connect into your true potential.

That communicating with your inner guidance and wisdom each and every day is the doorway to EVERYTHING that you want and desire.

That we are ALL in this together.

What I want you most to know about YOU

You are loved.

You are unique.

The world needs more of who YOU are.

There is NOTHING that you cannot be, do or have.

Your time is NOW.

Cora x