Hi I’m Cora, and I am on a mission to transform burnt-out & time poor female entrepreneurs into resilient leaders of their own lives and businesses.

It is no accident that you’ve found yourself here…

We have hit a silent epidemic that is seriously affecting the lives of women who are trying their hardest to live up to being the best mother, the best partner, the best friend AND the successful business owner – all while trying to find time to just breathe…

Sound familiar?

Prior to ‘lockdown’, I was working with women like you who were struggling with burnout and the pressures of life. They were experiencing serious burnout symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, migraines, a complete lack of focus and motivation, and a real sense of just going through the motions of their own lives.

The truth is, left without support & help burnout can lead to your life & business literally crumbling beneath your feet, and recent events have made life even harder to keep up with. 

A solution to navigating life and business without burnout, and finding ways not just to survive but THRIVE is more critical than ever if you want to live a life where you can run a successful business and have time for all of the good things in life.

Life was not meant to be lived one-dimensionally. You were put here to experience variety and ALL of the joy and fulfilment that life has to offer. 

But right now that joy and fulfilment feels so far away and finding the time for just the important stuff is such a challenge let alone the so-called ‘nice to have’ stuff.

I want to tell you right now that it doesn’t have to feel so far away, and I promise you there is a way for you to create the balance that you crave between your relationships, wellbeing and career without compromise right NOW. 

There is a way for you to have quality time with your loved ones, plenty of time to run your business AND space for you to breathe and do the things that you enjoy.

There is a way for you to feel inspired and motivated in your business every day AND still have time and energy left over.    

There is a way for you to handle your day to day life and business with ease and flow instead of struggle and overwhelm.

And I know that it is possible because, not only have I created this beautiful balance for myself (consistently), but I have also helped hundreds of women to do the same. 

And it all begins with you unapologetically placing your own needs at the centre of your life, because when you do that you are able to show up in ALL areas of your life with energy and generosity and love, and you are able to let go of the struggle, take control, and give yourself exactly what you need to flourish and thrive.

So, how long will you wait?

How long are you willing to put up with a life that feels like it is pulling you in a million different directions with no time to just breathe and be? 

How long will you keep on spending money on beautiful retreats and holidays for temporary relief from a life that is simply not working for you?

How long will you put off your own happiness and joy and tell yourself the lie that it will get better at some future point, magically all by itself?

How long can you continue to live like this before your health and wellbeing seriously deteriorate and you have no choice other than to just stop? 

Because soon you won’t have the choice, soon you will be stopped by your body, by your mental health…

Something will eventually have to give and it is likely to be the things that matter most to you.

But it does not have to be like that, you can take charge of your life and business NOW.

So is it possible to create that irritatingly elusive work-life balance? Is it possible to have it all?


But not until you become the on-purpose, architect of your own life.

Not until you take the time to find out what ‘balance’ and ‘having it all’ mean to YOU. 

If this is speaking to you then there are some real truths that I want you to know…

NO-ONE is going to give you permission to put your needs first.

YOU are the permission.

YOU are the creator and architect of your life experience and the ONLY one that truly knows what is best for you.

And, it’s time.

Time for you to create a life of pleasure and joy, one that honours your wholehearted needs and desires.

So, if you are finally ready to give up the struggle and exhaustion and become the architect of your own life, book a call with me so that you can discover how…

About me

I am now the ‘Queen of Ease and Flow’

But it hasn’t always been that way…

I have spent over 20 years of my life coaching and mentoring women to take their self-care, joy and effectiveness to a whole new level, and I am also a fully qualified Life coach, Executive Coach, CBT and NLP therapist as well as a qualified Meditation and Yoga instructor.

Now the ironic thing about all of that is that even with ALL of those tools, experience and training, 4 years ago, I STILL managed to find myself completely burnt out. I was trying to juggle a successful and ever-growing coaching business, a corporate role, motherhood, a husband AND just general family life. I was also back and forth the hospital caring for my mum who had just suffered a complete mental and physical breakdown from burning out, which was the result of a lifetime of not knowing how to prioritise her own needs.

It was a dark and yet really defining moment for me…. And I was faced with a question that I see SO many passionate female entrepreneurs having to ask themselves…

Is it possible to have it all?

I faced a HUGE dilemma because I absolutely did not want to give up a business that I loved, and I didn’t want to compromise my goals and my dreams which are essentially a huge part of who I am, but yet there was NO WAY that I could continue on the way I was…

Bone achingly tired, both physically and emotionally.

Uninspired and unmotivated and WAY too overstretched!

So I set about, taking my 20 years of observing and working with women, my own direct experience and all of the tools, training, and expertise I had, to intentionally find a way, create a process and method that would allow women like me and you, passionate, creative, high performing, businesswomen, wives, girlfriends, friends, mums, sisters, daughters to be able to live our lives without compromising the things that mean the most to us… our relationships, our health, AND our careers. 

I was determined to find a way that a woman could continue to grow a successful business that she loves, while still having time for herself and the things that matter most to her without her having to feel constantly exhausted, and pulled in 10000 different directions. 

I wanted a life where I could get up EVERY morning feeling alive and excited about my day.

Calm, confident, clear, and inspired in my business.

Present and relaxed with my family and climbing into bed at night feeling grateful instead of just face planting with exhaustion.

I yearned for more time, to feel spacious and breathe and re-connect with all of the things that I loved to do, AND even explore a few more.

I wanted to fully honour every single part of me without compromise, and feel fulfilled and satisfied.

I wanted life to feel exciting and juicy and JUST EASIER!!

And it does.

Now, that does not mean that my life is perfect, of course, it isn’t,  I have ongoing challenges like we all do and always will because that is life (and I have learnt to love those too) BUT I can handle it, and I can handle it without burning myself down to the ground and compromising who I am, and what is important to me.

I have time the time to breathe and reflect EVERY DAY and as a result, I trust myself to lead me and my life and business in the way that I know is right for me.

All of that is possible because I discovered the ONE THING THAT HAS to happen before we can ever access a life like that looks and feels like that.    

I discovered and recognised that I am the centre of my life and that if I am not thriving…NOTHING will.

I must be THE priority before ANYTHING and ANYONE else, then and only then can I feel fully resourced to go out into the world and be the best version of myself in EVERY area of my life.

So, it has become my life’s work to help a woman to stop living a from a place of depletion and overwhelm and instead create a life experience for herself that feels and is sustainable, joyful, exciting, alive, and rich in EVERY way without compromise.

That is what I want for you.

And that is what I am here to share.

Are you ready?

“Nurture your great spirit to become your greatest self”