• summer of love

    A Summer of Surrender and Magic

    In May of this year, I finally surrendered and let go, COMPLETELY.I have been in the ‘Surrendering Process’ for a while, but this was the removal of everything that I had been attributing my…

  • i am dying - cora darlington

    I am dying

    I AM DYING… And so are you.From the moment that we are born, we are both living and dying simultaneously.Death is a natural part of what it means to be human but somehow, we are…

  • Real life - cora darlington

    Real life is not a very popular topic

    This is a direct quote from a very dear friend of mine when talking about what it REALLY means to walk your authentic spiritual path. At the time we both belly laughed till it…

  • eyes closed cora darlington

    Eyes closed but WIDE AWAKE

    When I first began to meditate I wondered why my eyes needed to be closed? I was genuinely curious, but I was also more than a little scared of what I would find there…

  • journey to the phenomenal woman cora darlington

    The journey to your PHENOMENAL WOMAN

    Are you a powerful manifestor, but yet are still not experiencing the happiness and joy you thought you would feel?Have you read a thousand self-development books, listened to endless inspirational speeches on YouTube, and…

  • loving permission to just be still - cora darlington

    Loving permission to JUST BE STILL

    There are times when you have to give yourself full and complete permission to just BE STILL, breath, nourish and nurture YOU.For a little while, I have had to do just that... …

  • the gift of forgiveness - cora darlington

    The gift of forgiveness

    Hellooooo Beautiful ones,Let’s talk about FORGIVENESS!I have chosen this particular subject because just lately it is coming up A LOT, both personally and with my coaching clients... …

  • present moment relationships - cora darlington

    Present moment relationships

    Hey, Wonderful OneI am sure that you have all heard about the benefits of ‘Present Moment Awareness’, the practice of focusing exactly where you are rather than allowing your mind to constantly play over…