• least effort and surrender - cora darlington

    Least effort & surrender

    The Law of Least Effort is one of the ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ by the wonderful Dr Deepak Chopra. It says that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease . . . with carefreeness,…

  • unashamed self acceptance - cora darlington

    Unashamed Self-Acceptance

    For all of us beautiful women out there having a "FAT DAY"When did it become acceptable to me to relentlessly criticise my body?When did it become ok to call myself fat every other day…

  • you are being called - cora darlington

    You are being called

    You are being called, constantly.You are being called to look at yourself, and your life, with new eyes. You’re being called to your greatness, to express yourself fully in this world. You’re being called…

  • coming out at 40 - cora darlington

    Coming out at 40

    This article marks the start of my official coming out to the world.Yes, it’s my coming out party, and you’re invited to celebrate with me.  Maybe by the end you’ll be ready to come…

  • you just cant fake gratitude - cora darlington

    You just cant fake gratitude

    So, Gratitude is BIG right now. You can’t go into Paperchase without seeing a Gratitude Journal or notebook, and there are SO many quotes on Facebook and Instagram etc singing the benefits of being…