Can we have it all?

Last night I sat in a room with the most incredible female leaders in the UK, each with HUGE visions and missions, and each making a very real difference in the world.

We sat around a table and had a very candid conversation around the burning question, can the modern woman have it all?

The sharing was raw and real and powerful, AND it was painful to witness what appears to be the cost of ‘having it all’

Stories of burn-out, cycles of illness and overwhelm were all too common, but these women are not to be pitied or saved, these women are successful, able and brilliant AND somewhere along the line they have lost a sense of their own needs in the service of success and helping others.

At a time when we need feminine leadership more than ever, it has never been more critical that we are empowered to create a container for ourselves that has us thriving and not just surviving.

As part of our self-leadership, we must each do the inner work to know what OUR version of ‘having it all’ means V what the world says it is.

When we are clear on that, we can begin to shape our lives in a way that serves US…and then give to our families, businesses, organisations and humanity.

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