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  • loving permission to just be still - cora darlington

    Loving permission to JUST BE STILL

    There are times when you have to give yourself full and complete permission to just BE STILL, breath, nourish and nurture YOU.For a little while, I have had to do just that... …

  • the gift of forgiveness - cora darlington

    The gift of forgiveness

    Hellooooo Beautiful ones,Let’s talk about FORGIVENESS!I have chosen this particular subject because just lately it is coming up A LOT, both personally and with my coaching clients... …

  • unashamed self acceptance - cora darlington

    Unashamed Self-Acceptance

    For all of us beautiful women out there having a "FAT DAY"When did it become acceptable to me to relentlessly criticise my body?When did it become ok to call myself fat every other day…