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Eyes closed but WIDE AWAKE

eyes closed cora darlington

When I first began to meditate I wondered why my eyes needed to be closed? I was genuinely curious, but I was also more than a little scared of what I would find there (or even worse, not find there) in the stillness and the dark.

The reason I had even considered meditation in the first place, was the chaotic and relentless chatter of my mind that I so wanted to stop. So, what would it be like in there with all the external distraction taken away?

To begin with, it took real effort to even keep my eyes closed, the slightest noise would bring a kind of urgent need to open my eyes and look around, and the closing of my eyes seemed to give my mind full permission to go nuclear!

It felt super uncomfortable, I was resisting it with every cell of my being, and I very nearly gave up.

The one and ONLY thing that stopped me was the countless years of putting up with a mind (mostly full of negativity) that would not shut up or let me rest.

My exhaustion gave me no choice but to keep trying day after day.

Slowly but very surely my mind began to quieten, it was still chattering away but it began to feel like background noise that I could kind of detach from. Closing my eyes and being still was allowing me to close out the world for a while, and doing that meant that I could begin to become aware of a different world and a different voice.

It meant that I could connect with my inner self, my inner voice.

Faith is our ability to go beyond that which our physical eyes can see


Closing our eyes means that we can turn our attention inward more easily, but more powerful than that, when we close our physical eyes it allows a different kind of sight to develop.

Part of the spiritual path is learning to distrust the world we see with our physical eyes, going beyond our limiting perspectives and preconceptions, changing our minds about our minds. It is about seeing the world through the lens of the Divine Universe.

Closing my eyes has almost become an act of Surrender and faith to me. It is me saying to the Universe, I no longer trust what my physical eyes are showing me, I no longer trust my own judgement and perceptions, and I am here fully so that you can show me the world with new eyes.

Closing my physical eyes has allowed me to open my Souls eyes and become, in every sense of the word, WIDE AWAKE.

Awake to the beauty.

Awake to the joy.

Awake to new possibilities and opportunities.

Awake to life as we are meant to experience it, grounded in love and not fear.

The development of our ‘Soul Senses’ takes time and an open willingness to be taught and guided.

It takes showing up CONSISTENTLY.

And so, in the spirit of wanting you SO much to see through the eyes of your Divine Soul, I have created a beautiful space called ‘The Phenomenal Woman Sisterhood’. It is a closed FB community, for women who are ready to explore and develop their own unique connection with their Soul, and begin to live a truly Soul inspired and guided life.

A Soul guided life where you completely trust your own inner intuition, embrace the Phenomenal Woman that you have always been, and take inspired action toward REAL joy and happiness on a DAILY BASIS.

If that is YOU and you can feel the calling, then come on over and join our Sisterhood.

Join The Sisterhood

We can’t wait to meet you

Love, Light & Cwtches

Cora x

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