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I am dying

i am dying - cora darlington

I AM DYING… And so are you.

From the moment that we are born, we are both living and dying simultaneously.

Death is a natural part of what it means to be human but somehow, we are wired to run away from death, attempt to cheat it, and deny its inevitability.

We fear dying, BIG TIME!

But what if accepting and embracing our mortality was the birthplace of our greatest capacity to live and experience exquisite joy?

What if we used the fact that we are 100% going to snuff it, as the reason to REALLY live?

Not exist.

Not make do.

Not put up with.

But actually, live like each moment was our last.

One day it will be.

I have had my own, up close and personal experience of death. My lovely dad suddenly went on the next leg of his journey over 14 years ago, and for a dedicated ‘daddy’s girl’, it was a dark time.

I could not for the life of me process that yesterday I had been talking to him, sitting with him, looking at him, and today he was gone.

In one moment my life had forever changed, and I began my journey of grief.

I missed his voice, his face, his laugh, his phone calls, the way he used to call me ‘Dolly’, his silly ‘dad jokes’, his grumpiness, changing the oil in my car, and always bailing me out, once coming to get me TWICE in a 24-hour period because I had run out of petrol!

But there was a deeper grief, a deeper sadness, and sorrow about my dad leaving this life.

That heavy sadness sprung from the fact that he had spent a great deal of his life struggling and denying himself the joy that he was born to have.

He had wanted so much for himself but had not quite got there.

There is a powerful quote by the late Dr Wayne Dyer that says:

Do not die with your music still inside of you  


The truth is, my wonderful dad definitely died with the most beautiful of his music still inside of him, and that was what I found SO hard to make peace with.

Witnessing that in full blown reality was the beginning of my determination to leave my life having sung every single, solitary note.


Why is it that we waste so much of our lives not living the life that we REALLY want?

Why is it that we don’t believe that we can have the things that we desire?

Why is it that we spend so much of our time dissatisfied, and in survival mode?


We simply don’t trust life, which is another way of saying that we don’t trust ourselves because, in truth, WE ARE LIFE ITSELF.

We don’t believe that life will support us if we follow our joy, and we have decided that some sort of sacrifice has to be made to have a life that feels THAT GOOD, to be THAT DESERVING.

The fact is, we only need look around us at nature to see just how abundant and supportive life is when we do not interfere, control, and manipulate.

Human interference with the natural flow of life is all that is wrong with our lives and our planet. We have decided that we know best, worse still we have come to the conclusion that the planet is here just for our own personal use to consume.

Here is something to ponder: If the earthworm disappeared today (yes, those seemingly unimportant and unimpressive things that wriggle around in the earth), within 18 months all life as we know it will have ceased to be. But, if we humans disappeared today, this planet would THRIVE.

This is not a rant about the ugliness and hopelessness of humanity, because humanity is also quite beautiful and there is plenty to hope for. It is just that we have forgotten who we really are, we have forgotten that we came from the earth and that we will one day return to it, we have forgotten how interconnected we all are. We have also lost our reverence for life.

Literally, thousands of miracles are showing themselves to us every second of every day, but we let them pass by without even registering the beauty and perfection of the world around us.

That lost ability to SEE the beauty, and the disconnection and separation that we are cultivating is costing us EVERYTHING.

What do we do?

We find a way to connect into our Souls again (meditation is incredible for that), and as we reconnect we learn to overcome fear and come to know that we are connected, and one with ALL.

When we know that, and I don’t mean know as in reading books knowledge know, I mean intuitively feel and know, we follow our bliss with freedom, stable in the fact that we are naturally and abundantly supported and cared for.

It is a return.

A return to love.

A return to oneness.

A return to our inherent and authentic power.

We are eternal and mortal all at the same time, and the clock is ticking on the mortal part.

So, you have a choice to make.

Are you going to spend your limited time full of fear and struggle, cut off from your absolute birthright of joy and abundance? Or are you going to get busy LIVING?

I recently attended an event with the incredible Sadhguru, that told us that each time we look at our clock/phone remind ourselves that it is not a clock but our lives ticking away and that we should, in that moment smile and acknowledge that we are still alive.

Constantly reminding ourselves that we are going to die should not fill us with fear but instead, give us the courage and inspiration to LIVE.

Like, REALLY live with our music playing full blast for all the world to hear.

What choice are you making right now?

Part of my music is to support as many amazing women as I can to move past fear, trust life and live their PHENOMENAL LIVES FULLY.

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You are precious, you are loved, and you are not on your own.

Love & Light ALWAYS

Cora x

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