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The journey to your PHENOMENAL WOMAN

journey to the phenomenal woman cora darlington

Are you a powerful manifestor, but yet are still not experiencing the happiness and joy you thought you would feel?

Have you read a thousand self-development books, listened to endless inspirational speeches on YouTube, and positively affirmed yourself into next year, but still feel like you are falling short of embracing your full potential and power in the world?

Are you meditating but still can’t feel the connection and clarity you hoped for?

If any of this is speaking to you at all, it is because there is still another part of your journey calling you (the best part). It is that journey I want to explore with you today.

It is a journey from Self-Empowered to Soul Guided.

A journey of TRUE Surrender.

A discovery of what Faith and Trust REALLY mean.

“The Universe intends that you become the highest possible creative manifestation for you in this life” – Marianne Williamson

As I look back over the last 3 years I realise I have been on a ‘Phenomenal’ journey.

It began with me excitedly discovering the wonder and potential of ‘The Laws of Attraction’. The notion that I could actually CHOOSE how I wanted my life to be, and that by using Universal Laws I could physically manifest the things that I wanted into my life.

After a while, I began to notice that, though I could indeed manifest the things I desired, they didn’t necessarily make me happy, or give me that sense of fulfilment I was yearning for.

I was noticing the same thing with my coaching clients too. I was working with some very powerful woman that could manifest anything and everything that they put on their ‘goal boards’, but it wasn’t necessarily resulting in them feeling the joy and happiness that they hoped it would.

This discovery led me to ask the question, ‘What guidance am I using to inform me of what will actually make me happy and lead me to my most joyful life?’

I began to wonder, ‘can my own guidance be trusted?’

I was meditating every day and had been for some time, but I began to recognise that I was using it more as a tool to get what I wanted rather than to actually connect into my Divine Souls guidance. I was manipulating the power of the Universe rather than listening to it.

I had been reading material for years that said that the Universe sees ALL, knows ALL, wants the absolute best for us, knows EXACTLY what we want and how to lead us to it with ease and grace. But, I but had not REALLY heard it.

Well, I was hearing it now on a whole other level!

It suddenly hit me like a thunder bolt, ‘If the Universe knows ALL of that then why am I assuming that I know best?’, ‘Why am I trying to control and guide things in a direction that may not necessarily bring me the joy and contentment that I think it will bring?’

In fact, when I looked over my life there was hard evidence everywhere that I most certainly didn’t know what was best for me, or what would bring me the greatest happiness, so why was I trusting that same guidance to know now?

I was still trying to do it all by myself.

Why was I was not asking the Universe what was best for me instead?

The truth? Because that would mean having REAL faith and REAL trust in a force greater than my own, it would mean a level of surrender that I had never really known.

Before that point I had been kind of ‘edging my bets’, calling on Universal power to help me but never quite believing that it could do the job.

It was time to take the ultimate ‘Leap of Faith’ that I believe we all have to be willing to take if we want to access a genuinely PHENOMENAL life that is not grounded in fear or lack.

A Soul guided life.

It can feel scary to LET GO and acknowledge that we do not know, and can initially feel like a loss of control, but I also knew that I was ready to let go of everything that I THOUGHT I knew, and come to the Universe with a ‘Beginner’s Mind’.

In Zen Buddhism, a beginner’s mind is about approaching life with an openness and willingness to see life in a brand-new way.  It is freedom from old preconceptions and perceptions.  Beginner’s mind is the space where the mind surrenders to the truth that it actually does not know what to do. It is that delicious state when we are sure of nothing, yet completely fearless and with a natural knowing that everything is working out for our highest good.

As children, we are all born with a beginner’s mind, our original childlike state. Children do not think that they know best, they have no expectations of anything, they are not trying to manipulate and control outcomes, they are stable in their worthiness, THEY JUST ARE.

As adults, we have lost that power for the most part, but it can be regained through intentionally connecting into our Soul Space DAILY.

For me, it meant quite literally stopping EVERYTHING and just sitting.

It did feel scary at first, but I also had a wonderful sense of relief and a feeling of peace that I had never experienced in my life before.

I committed to sitting with my Soul as much as I could, this time though my ONLY intention and desire was to be with the Universe and listen to what it was telling me.

Slowly but surely, I began to hear the words, and the voice I was hearing was TOTALLY different to the one I had become so familiar with.

That voice had been loud and confusing, full of urgency and fear and VERY inconsistent! The voice that I was hearing now was quieter (much quieter), but it was loving and peaceful, calm and sure and something inside me KNEW that I was hearing the whispers of my Soul.

The joy I feel as I deepen my own intimate and direct relationship with the Divine cannot be described, and as the days go by I hear more and more, but not just when I am in periods of meditation but ALL THE TIME.

I not only listen, but I am also learning to ask questions, and in turn receive answers.

Sometimes the answers come in the form of words, but sometimes in the form of an intuition or a feeling of knowing toward one thing or another.

Having the courage to trust the whispers of my Soul has rewarded me with a life that feels and looks truly inspired. When I make a decision, I feel clear and sure. It feels like a truly co-creative experience because it is.

I am quite literally creating with the Universe, what could be more PHENOMENAL than that?

I am allowing its energy to flow through me, and in doing so I am coming to know the Phenomenal woman that I am for the first time in my life, and knowing how that feels makes me want the same for YOU in a BIG WAY!

You are a PHENOMENAL WOMAN, but in order to feel it and know it you have to be willing to do these things:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE. Lovingly acknowledge that you do not necessarily know what is best for you. Be willing to look over the circumstances and situations of your life and witness the evidence of what has manifested when you have attempted to control and manipulate, effort and struggle.
  • SURRENDER. Have the courage to surrender to the Universal force that is greater than your own. This is the ‘Leap of Faith’ that is required to step into your PHENOMENAL POWER.
  • LISTEN. Turn down the noise. We have lost the art of being still and listening, and regaining that art is going to take some conscious commitment. It is going to take you intentionally honouring your own ‘Soul Space’ each and every day, even when it feels to you like nothing is happening. I want to assure you that there is loving guidance being given to you every second of every day, but it is your job to get yourself in a space where you can hear it.
  • TRUST. Trust that whatever you hear is perfect, even if it feels random and unrelated (this is often the case)
  • SAY YES, to it all! Saying yes to life (all of it) means releasing resistance and having faith that all is well. This is the bit where you are willing to release old perceptions and see the world with new eyes.
  • CHILL OUT!!!! The more fun you are having, the lighter your approach, the more joy you will experience from the start. You came to enjoy your life to the fullest, so why wait?
  • RECEIVE. Get ready to receive the guidance, receive the inspiration, receive the support, receive THE MOST PHENOMENAL LIFE!

The only question is, ARE YOU READY?

Will 2018 be the start of your PHENOMENAL journey?

If you KNOW that you are ready, just send me a message and we can connect on a call together with no strings attached whatsoever, just a loving intention to explore what is possible for you in your life (which is everything by the way)

Cora x


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