Firstly, I absolutely could not have gotten to where I am today without this time with Cora. Every step of the way she has supported me and asked me questions that have helped me find my answers.  
I’ve gained a sense of self-control around my relationships both with myself and with my career path.
I have learnt how important it is to pause, and to think and feel through what’s happening and why I’m feeling a certain way in any given moment.
I have gained power over my own life and have designed and created a new life for myself. 
I’m no longer afraid to negotiate terms and conditions that are in line with my personal values and requirements to thrive, because I know that they’re absolutely vital to the life that I have chosen to live.

Georgina Jones – Entrepreneur

Since I started coaching with Cora, I feel like the universe has blessed me with not only a spiritual teacher but a genuine and loving friend through my journey of self-development and spirituality.

Since then I feel like a new person. I have developed a deeper and more loving relationship with myself, and more consistency with my spiritual practices.

I have always had issues in the past with relationship boundaries, be it work, or personal relationships, and always find myself ‘people pleasing’. Since working with Cora, I have learnt to speak my truth with power and get clear on what is important to me. As a result I have finally been able to ask for what I am worth in my role and re-negotiate my terms completely.

The biggest change however is in me learning how to nurture myself and follow my knowing of what is right for me

I can’t wait to find out where my ongoing transformation is going to lead me but I know that I am moving in line with my Souls purpose.

Thank you, Cora, for always being there for me with your loving and pure energy.

Leyla Hassan – Intrepreneur

Cora has played an instrumental part in what has been a hugely transformational year for me. With her guidance and support I have been able to navigate emotional blocks that had been holding me back for years.

She provides a safe and loving space in which to acknowledge and address the things that need to be healed and transformed.

Over three months I worked closely with Cora and can honestly say that I experienced nothing but authentic and genuine connection.

If you feel ready to fly but need some clarity, love, and support, I would highly recommend working with this woman.

Rhi Morgan – BBC Presenter & Yogi

I love how focused I feel on my future & how powerful I am, defining my goals, and trying things I never thought possible. Her belief in me and my ability is wonderful.

Kate Jay – Intrepreneur & Well-being Mentor

I am lucky enough to have Cora coaching me, and have got to say that her guidance cuts through all of the BS I tell myself and cuts straight through to the heart of the issue. I love her honesty, her experience, and her passion for supporting and empowering women.

An incredible lady.

Dionne Paxton – Coach & Teacher

I saw a friend today who doesn’t use social media so is unable to write a review so I thought I would as an outsider looking in on someone who has had some Cora support and guidance.

Wow she was like a new person, radiating with a new found confidence and love for herself.

She’s made some exciting but big life changes and I’m pleased to hear she’s had such a wonderful person guiding her through it.

Thank you Cora for bringing out the best in my friend.

Emma Payne – Entrepreneur