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Real life is not a very popular topic

Real life - cora darlington

This is a direct quote from a very dear friend of mine when talking about what it REALLY means to walk your authentic spiritual path. At the time we both belly laughed till it hurt, BUT the statement is SO TRUE.

I LOVE an inspirational quote like the best of them, they fire me up, and they inspire, but they only allude to what it REALLY takes to realise your true identity and power in this world.

I often joke with my coaching clients that once you begin this journey to self-realisation there is absolutely no going back, there is no ‘un-learning’ or ‘un-knowing’.

Once you have even so much as sniffed the freedom that ONLY comes from being connected to your higher self, YOU ARE HOOKED!

Oh, you may try and deny it for a while, but not without feeling more pain and discomfort than you ever thought was possible.

There is a fantastic quote by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith that says:

“The pain pushes until the vision pulls”

This is to say, once you hear the call of your Soul you can only ignore it for so long, you can only endure the pain of not responding for so long before you HAVE to surrender to the highest expression of YOU.

You can run but you cannot hide!

Actually, that is not entirely true because most people do in fact hide all of their lives, ignoring their call to greatness.

They feel the void, experience the emptiness, self-doubt, and dissatisfaction, and try to fill it with relationships, addiction and ‘stuff’.

The truth is, you can live your whole life and then die without ever knowing what it feels like to REALLY LIVE.

Wow, I think I even managed to scare myself writing all of that down, and it may feel uncomfortable and not ‘very popular’ to read, but that is before I begin to even describe the indescribable feelings of liberation, stability, joy, bliss, inspiration, and beauty that you experience when you courageously commit to YOUR journey.

When you move beyond your fears, when you are willing to perceive yourself and this world through different eyes, what opens up for you is true, true FREEDOM. No longer living a life grounded in fear and lack, no longer second guessing everything and everyone, and no more limitations.

It is all of that, and more.

But, you WILL be called to move through your fears, and you WILL have to learn to ‘un-know’ everything that you thought you knew.

You WILL be called to let go of your B******T.

I know for sure that I was.

For a while now I have been writing about ‘truly surrendering to the absolute support of the Universe’. I am absolutely obsessed with helping as many people as I can to let go of their fears and struggles and surrender to the love and guidance of their Souls.


Accept that I myself was only PARTIALLY SURRENDERING to that wonderful support I was SO enthusiastically talking about.

I was falling short of my own conviction, still hedging my bets and telling myself that, in this particular instance, total surrender was not necessary.

Guess what? If you are talking the talk, saying that are walking the walk, and then you don’t FULLY commit, the Universe WILL call you out!

If the Divine sent me a memo, it would have said…

Dearest Cora,

If you want to be a powerful teacher of Surrender, Faith, and Trust just as you requested, kindly become it COMPLETELY yourself before trying to teach others.


The Universe


You see, this is not a one foot in and one foot out, sitting on the fence kind of gig, this is a jump in head first deal.

However, the payoff is BIG!

It is a life that is not always pretty, and not always popular, but it is a life WELL WORTH LIVING.

Full of meaning and purpose, of love and lasting happiness.

It is a conscious life that YOU choose.

It is a PHENOMENAL life.

Cora x

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