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The Secret that ‘The Secret’ never told us

the secret the secret never told you - cora darlington

Have you read The Secret?

The Secret is THE MOST amazing Law of Attraction book by Rhonda Byrne, that I first discovered around 3 years ago.

As I listened to the words and the incredible concept that was being presented, my whole body literally began to shake, and I felt completely overjoyed at the notion that I could actually manifest EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that I desired.

I thought that I had SO MANY limitations but apparently, the only limitations I had were the ones that my narrow perception and limiting beliefs were creating.

I LOVED the idea that my thoughts and subsequent energy controlled the events and circumstances of my life, even though that also meant swallowing the cold hard fact that I had created quite a lot of not so wondrous things over the years.

I could get over that because for the first time in my life I felt in control.

After I read that book EVERYTHING felt more exciting to me, I began to view my life and its potential in a VERY different way. I began to open to the possibility that ANYTHING could be possible for me, and I dared to dream and hope.

Now, that was a very good thing indeed because over the years I had become, ‘The girl that was afraid of her own shadow’. I was super fearful and suspicious of life and felt like I somehow had to protect myself from it. My only hope, I thought, was that maybe I could learn enough tools to survive it as gracefully as I could.

I was truly in ‘SURVIVAL MODE’.

I had also managed to do a fairly fantastic job at convincing myself that I was not one of those ‘lucky people’ that seemed to live a life full of ease and amazing things. I told myself that I had seriously missed the boat, and worse still that I was actually not good enough or clever enough to even expect that type of life.

I got busy telling myself that I should be grateful for what I had. After all, I did have a nice roof over my head, loved ones, a nice job, and food in my belly (my mum’s childhood words ringing in my ears).

So, I shoved down feelings of disappointment and frustration and let my light slowly but surely dull.

It felt safer that way.

It meant that I was safe from disappointment, safe from making a fool of myself, safe from being told no, and safe from finding out that I was right all along, I had nothing of any great value and no greatness in me.

But I was living my life in an almost constant state of low-level anxiety and often crippling fear.

So, when this book and others like it came into my life I was ready to feel differently about this scary life experience of mine that seemed to make no sense.

I SO wanted to believe that it could be different.

I SO wanted to believe that I could be different.

Ask. Believe. Receive

This was my favourite quote from The Secret and I loved the absolute simplicity of it, and so I tentatively began doing just that!


The Ask part was scary at first because I had gotten used to pretending that I was happy with my lot and it almost felt wrong to want. I also knew that once I admitted that I actually desired more there would be no going back, but I was desperate to feel different. So, I took the most courageous step that I could at that time and gave in to the fact that I did want SO MUCH MORE.

I spoke my truth and felt instant relief

Don’t get me wrong I was still a ‘scaredy cat’, but the relief and excitement I felt was HUGE. I hadn’t realised it, but the stress and effort of not allowing myself to dream and explore my huge potential had been weighing me down.

All that effort trying to protect myself and keep myself safe had been stopping me from feeling inspired and connected to my own life.

So slowly but surely, I began to open and come alive.

I did exactly what was instructed and began writing lists of things and experiences that I wanted, I even made my very first beautiful vision board.

The ASK bit was officially done!


Ok, so the believe bit was a bit more tricky. As I told you earlier I had become REALLY good at seeing myself as unworthy, and certainly not ‘one of the lucky ones’, so all of a sudden expecting to be in a place of absolute belief that I deserved this stuff, and that it could be mine was a very, very tall order.

I also had a deep core belief that life was not a very safe, supportive, or loving place.

So, I struggled.

It was at this point that I began to meditate, an essential tool that has been my gateway to knowing who I REALLY am, and a powerful way to connect into that loving, safe and supportive force that I had been separated from for so long.

As I spent time in that space each day, turning down the noise of the world and going inward, I began to FEEL a strong sense of my worthiness and as a result a new belief began to develop that made me know for sure that I was meant to have everything that I desired in my life.



Thanks to my practice of daily meditation, my sense of being loved and supported continued to increase. I consciously turned my attention toward the things that were going well in my life and began the process of letting go of ‘my stories’ of fear and lack.

Every day I wrote in my ‘Gratitude Journal’ and did the things I needed to do to get what I wanted, and the receiving began to happen.

But something was wrong.

Firstly, I began to be aware that I was using these new practices of meditation and journaling as a kind of bargaining tool with the Universe. The bargain was, I will do all of the things that the books tell me to do, and in return you will give me everything that I want.

In terms of manifesting the things I wanted, it was totally working, but it began to feel super manipulative and there still felt like something BIG was missing.

Secondly, the things that I was receiving (which were exactly what I was asking for by the way) weren’t making me happy!

Yes, I had more stuff (there is nothing wrong with wanting stuff by the way), but the lasting joy I was searching for was still fleeting.

So now I asked myself the question, ‘what if I actually don’t know what will make me happy?’


‘If I don’t know what will make me happy, who the hell does?’

Those two questions were the start of me taking THE MOST INCREDIBLE LEAP into a life that is completely guided by the Universe.

It is a leap that involves SURRENDER, TRUST, and FAITH.

SURRENDER to a power greater than our own, TRUST that life is a loving and friendly place, and FAITH that the Universe knows better than us, and WILL bring us the GREATEST joy and abundance if we will just ALLOW it.

It means no longer using Universal power to manipulate and manifest the things we THINK will make us happy, but instead developing a deep and personal relationship with the Divine Universe and being guided by its perfect wisdom

A Soul Created life.

So, you see the ‘secret’ that ‘The Secret’ never told us is that, YES we can have everything that we desire if we focus on it and believe that it can happen, and YES it is much better to live from a place of self-empowerment than of lack and fear, BUT, if we use the Laws of the Universe JUST as a tool to get what we want we miss out on experiencing, first hand, the endless Universal support that is constantly guiding us to what will make us TRULY HAPPY.

We miss out on our REAL POWER and POTENTIAL which lies in not only serving ourselves but in serving others.

That is ETERNAL JOY that NEVER goes away.



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Cora x

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