You are being called

you are being called - cora darlington

You are being called, constantly.

You are being called to look at yourself, and your life, with new eyes. You’re being called to your greatness, to express yourself fully in this world. You’re being called to EVERYTHING you want. You are being called to LOVE.

Today, I’ve been called to write this for you.

This morning, during my Meditation, I had a VERY clear image of a book I loved as a child. Now, there was a time in my life that I would have ignored this seemingly random image completely, but these days I’m coming to know with huge conviction that NOTHING is a coincidence. That I’m ALWAYS being called, and if I create a still, quiet space I can hear it loud and clear.

As a little girl, I often found myself drawn to the wonderful Narnia books by C.S Lewis.  I found them somehow comforting and loved to get lost in that faraway world full of magical creatures.

I didn’t know how to process and communicate it then, but I think the reason I was drawn to these stories so much is because the messages taught throughout them are of a Universal and fundamental connection to a loving force, greater than all of us.  In this case a HUGE, powerful and beautiful Lion!

You would not have called to me, if I had not been calling to you – Aslan

I think, even as a young girl, I knew I was deeply connected to something far greater than me and it gave me comfort and made me feel safe and stable.

As I’ve mentioned before, my parents were quite active in the Christian church and, as a consequence, growing-up so was I.

Listening to the Sunday teachings though, would leave me feeling both comforted and confused. I was hearing about a loving and compassionate God, but a God who would also send you to Hell if you didn’t believe in him.  Every single cell of my body felt the hypocrisy of this vision.  Love and fear didn’t belong together for me.  They could not belong together. I didn’t want to have faith out of fear that if I didn’t I would ‘burn in hell’. I didn’t want to be governed by fear.

So, I stuck my two fingers up and walked away from it all.

I still had a faith of some kind, but I could not and would not give it a name.  If I heard the words ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ my body would react as if it was in the board game Operation, and someone had just touched the sides. Even today, as I write these words, I have to breathe into my courage and overcome my fear of being judged by you as you read this.

I moved through my life doing the best I could, experiencing times of happiness and of challenge and pain, but all the time with a sense of instability. Even when happy, I felt like it could be taken away at any moment, that things were too good to be true. Despite everything, I was still being governed by fear.

Only when I experienced my deepest pain did I begin to open up to the idea of re-connecting with my spirituality. Losing my wonderful Dad made me question everything. REALLY start to question. It brought me to my knees like nothing had before.

I wanted to feel peace and stability like NEVER before.

So I became a Seeker.

Slowly, I began to regain my faith.  But it was MY faith. I didn’t have to go to church. I didn’t have to read any scriptures. I didn’t have to give it a name, and I sure as hell didn’t have to be afraid. I was finding my way. Communicating in MY way. Using MY words.

I realised that it was never my connection to something greater than me that I’d pushed away, it was the fear of God part that I had rejected so completely.

So much has happened between then and now. Many questions. Much back and forth. But I’m writing this because I know what happens when you begin to connect to that force that’s greater than all of us. I know what transformation takes place when you listen to that loving voice calling and guiding you.

I know, because I’m experiencing it first hand in my own life and it’s INCREDIBLE, and I want you to know it for yourself too.

But, what is that voice? What’s it saying? How can you hear it?

I can tell you what that voice isn’t! It’s not the crazy one that’s constantly telling you you’re not good enough, not bright enough, pretty enough or thin enough. The one that’s constantly complaining and blaming everyone else (we’ll be exploring that voice in another post).

The voice I’m talking about is the one that speaks in the stillness, and ONLY of love, compassion, forgiveness, and encouragement. It softly calls you, and guides you towards your greatest joy and happiness.

If you’re anything like I was, you may not have heard this voice in a very long time!

But, here’s the truth: that voice is ALWAYS there.  It’s just constantly smothered by the chaos of our crazy minds, the chaos of our everyday lives, by Facebook, Instagram, TV.

Is it any wonder that we’ve become completely disconnected from the love that we are?

To hear that loving voice firstly requires that you BELIEVE it’s there, and make the space to hear it. It requires that you LISTEN, and it requires that you TRUST.

There’s a beautiful quote by Joseph Campbell that talks of ‘Following your Bliss’, for me it perfectly describes what following that voice feels like.

All I know is what’s true for me: the more I listen, and the more I let it guide my thoughts and actions, the more bliss unfolds for me.

So, I want to encourage you now to make the space to hear. Meditate, walk in nature, listen to your favourite music, or just take one big full breath (yes, it can really be that simple), because in that space, if you are listening, you WILL hear it and it WILL guide you home.

Cora x

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