7 Tips to Thrive at Home

7 tips to thrive at home

These are challenging times for sure, and things in the external world have never felt so uncertain or unstable in many ways BUT if you are willing to go beyond the fear and apparent chaos there is an opportunity for you to thrive nonetheless.

The truth is the world has never been certain or stable. The stability that you are looking for comes from one place only, inside you.

But to cultivate that stability it is really important that you create some nurturing daily structures that will help bring about a sense of wellbeing and flow. These daily touchstones can be the difference between you just surviving or thriving in your life.

Nurturing Daily Structures

They do not have to be super complicated and overwhelming so here are some ideas to get you started.    

1. Morning Meditation

Meditation is an extraordinary tool in managing your energy and your focus, and doing it first thing in the morning before you do ANYTHING else allows you to go into the day calm and stable before any of the incoming demands of family life, business life, and just life in general.

There are some incredible resources out there for meditation, one of my absolute favourites is https://insighttimer.com/

2. Evening Appreciation

Ending each day by intentionally focusing on the things that we have a genuine sense of appreciation for is especially transformational in times like these. Everywhere we look we are seeing sadness, loss, fear and pain and if we are to sustain ourselves, we must be willing to look for the evidence of something else. Writing an appreciation list each night will bring you back to a general state of wellbeing before you go to sleep and will connect you back to yourself. You need that.

So, get yourself a really beautiful notebook, put it right next to your bed, and just before you go to sleep spend a few minutes focusing on the goodness of the day.    

3. Regular Social Media Detox

You will absolutely not get through this in a balanced state of mind if you are just allowing constant incoming from social media and the news. You will need to protect your mind and your energy RADICALLY right now, so be aware of what you are taking in, and for how long. If you really do have to be on social media, and if you really must check the news, please, please be conscious about your habits and only allow yourself a specific amount of time each day to go in and check/watch whatever you feel you need to and then, GET OFF. 

4. Get Outside

A recent study carried out showed that there was a scientifically proven significant increase in people’s health and happiness when they are in connection to nature and boy do we really need that right now, so when you are creating your daily structures make sure that you include regular nature breaks for your happiness, sanity, and your nervous system!  

5. Allow Laughter & Lightness

Laughter is a powerful medicine for overwhelm, worry, irritability, uncertainty and fear, so I urge you to actively seek and allow humour and lightness each and every day.

6. Stay Connected

We may not be able to physically see one another in some cases, but human connection and community are fundamental to us all. Make time in daily structures to connect in with friends and family. Organise a weekly Skype, Zoom or Facetime call with friends and loved ones. Knowing that you have that regular time and space to communicate will sustain you and bring a sense of normalcy at a very abnormal time.

7. Cultivate Radical Compassion & Understanding  

We are going to need compassion and understanding for ourselves and others in spades because this is going to stretch us all and ultimately, we are all only doing our best at a time when things are feeling REAL scary.

The key here is to create daily structures that sustain and nurture you and help you to keep your head even if all around is losing theirs.


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