Cora is a Life & Business Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, and Channel of the Light.

She has worked with women from ALL walks of life for over 20 years to profoundly change their relationship to themselves and their lives.

Through her unique gifts and ways of working she teaches what it is to co-create a life you love with the love and support of Spirit.

A truly Soul-Guided life.

As the founder of a body of work called Thrive, Cora not only offers 1-2-1 and group sessions, but she also provides one of a kind Spiritual Mentorship, teaches online masterclasses and creates guided meditations that are infused by spirit.

After experiencing a huge breakdown and disconnection from herself and her purpose, Cora began her own spiritual self-discovery journey and awakening which has ultimately led her to a deep understanding of her powerful connection to source and the complete and utter transformation of her life.

It is that powerful connection and transformation that has her passionately committed to the mission of helping other women to do the same.

Cora has spent the last 7 years studying the human potential and eastern philosophy, mastering her spiritual gifts in order to help others.

She is a graduate of Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering Programme, as well as being a qualified Coach, Mentor, Yoga & Meditation Instructor.

Cora considers herself to be a woman of Bhakti, which is a woman of complete surrender and devotion to Source

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“Commit to listening to your own wisdom & intuition”