Cora is a specialist in the fields of Feminine Self-Leadership & the prevention and recovery of Burnout in women. She is also the creator and founder of powerful bodies of work such as Thrive & WOMAN – A Modern Mystery School.

She is a fully trained Therapist, Master Coach, and Yoga & Meditation Facilitator that has spent the last 20 years immersing herself in the study of human psychology, somatic’s, spirituality, and eastern philosophy, following her own burnout and subsequent transformation.

Her approach is truly a holistic one, and her wealth of professional and personal experience and blend of psychological and spiritual training and awareness has created a unique and powerful way of working that combines emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual mentorship, along with the very practical tools and application that must be there if we are to truly manifest change and transformation in both our inner and outer world.

She has worked with women from ALL walks of life for over 20 years to profoundly change their relationship to themselves and their lives .

Her mission is to show as many women as possible that they are the saviour and heroine of their own lives, and that through learning to access their own Divine Soul’s guidance they will discover for themselves their own unconditioned truth and how to live it so that they can finally stop struggling and really know what it is to thrive.

“Commit to listening to your own wisdom & intuition”