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I am here to help you get clear on the life experience you really want to live, and what your heart and soul need to have you feeling connected to, and inspired by your life each and every day.

Together, we create the conditions and step-by-step plan for you to change or redirect your life so everything feels in-tune with the creative-spirit that you are.

I will support you to:

  • Gain clarity on WHO you really are
  • Discover WHAT is truly important to you and WHY
  • Uncover what your Heart and Soul need to have you thriving each and every day

I will share with you:

  • Valuable Co-active coaching experiences and creative tools to help you vision, plan, focus and manifest what you desire most in life.
  • Simple planning and effective strategies that will help you feel consistently spacious and nurtured no matter what is going on in your life.
  • The power of creative exploration and adventure, and how to infuse your life with it.

Work side-by-side with me as your Coach and mentor.

I’m a trained and experienced Self-Nurture Specialist with over 20 years of working with women, with extraordinary results.

This essentially means I have the years of expertise, and a wide range of effective tools and strategies to support and guide you.

My approach is a ‘whole woman approach’, which means I work holistically across your whole life, meaning that you can bring whatever you want or need to the sessions so you feel supported and back to soul-centred.

I will be at your side every step of the way as you navigate this radically different approach to your own needs and self-nurture, and provide much-needed accountability as you fully integrate this new way of being.

3 of the Ways You Can Work with Me, at Depth Include:


This Heart & Soul-Centred program is perfect if you feel you have lost connection with who you are, and what you actually need to enable you to feel clear, inspired, and nurtured in your life.

Together we will:

Gain clarity on WHO you really are

Discover WHAT is truly important to you and WHY

Uncover what your Heart and Soul need to have you thriving each and every day

Create clear and practical strategies to integrate those needs, even when demands upon you change.

Cultivate permanent behavioural change that will have you able to respond to ever-changing demands with a sense of ease and flow, instead of struggle and overwhelm.

Suitable for:

Women who have experienced feelings of burnout, overwhelm, confusion and struggle, know the cost, and are completely ready to do what is absolutely necessary for them to re-create their lives and access a sense of ease and joy that can only come from living a life that is in true alignment with your heart and soul.


Re-align yourself with your authentic self and your creative heart. Leave with a sense of deep clarity, relieved at knowing what you want and having a plan to go and do it.

Suitable for:

Women who want to work in person, need immediate clarity and a focused strategy, love workshop-style learning, with brainstorming and mapping out with paper and post-its in a beautiful, creative space.


This is co-facilitated by myself and award-winning Strategic Intuitive Business Growth Coach, Kelly Quinn.

Together, we have designed the Bloom Journey specifically for businesswomen who want to dedicate the time to work on the projects that matter most to them, that they are currently denying themselves and the world through hesitation and confusion.

Over an extended 5-month period, you will be expertly guided and supported daily to reveal and unpack your vision/project ideas and have the space to chunk it down into achievable and actionable steps.

Working with two experts coaches Cora and Kelly, and alongside an intimate group of aligned female peers, we will come together to share weekly accountability and realisations gained from our activities and progress.

We have created a feminine, intuitive and nurturing container that encourages you to learn to slow down, breathe and be more present in your creative process

Included in the Journey

  • An intuitive, guided and structured weekly process to unpack your vision or project idea, with accountability to make it happen
  • 121 coaching sessions weekly to keep you progressing
  • Group share and accountability online gathering each week
  • A virtual home to bring us all together
  • Connecting with other aligned women that are tackling the same challenges as you
  • A supportive and loving Eco-System

 This is a good fit for you if:

You are a woman with a vision, and you haven’t been making time to bring it to life.

Next steps:

Coaching is a partnership and a soulful journey. To know if we’re a great fit, we first need to connect and find out more about each other. Let’s arrange a time to talk.

​​Book a Connection Call  to explore how we might work together

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