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Frequently Asked Questions

A good coach and mentor will empower you to gain clarity and control of your life by leading you to your own innate knowing & wisdom.

You will be supported to evaluate what is working and what is not working and gain clarity on your values, your intentions, and the desired direction of your life.

A pathway will then be created to get you there.

Ongoing accountability and support is a vital part of your success and a good coach and mentor will provide that.

I am a highly trained and experienced mentor with proven results, that takes into consideration all areas of your life and will support you with the very necessary guidance, tools, and accountability to completely transform your life.

With my support you will learn how to confidently and clearly choose what is good and right for you and go beyond the mental and emotional blocks that have kept you stuck for so long.

Fees differ depending on the length and intensity of the coaching that is needed and will be discussed as part of your Exploration Call.

Remember that this is a self-investment and nothing is more investible than you.

It is extremely important to me that people can access the support that they need, as a result I offer a range of payment plans. These can also be discussed and agreed if we move forward in working together.

I have limited spaces for my one-to-one clients, but depending on availability, and once you have had your Exploration Call and your unique pathway has been agreed upon, you can get started.

Your sessions will take place on Zoom, however, there are instances depending on geography where it is relevant to do an in-person session.

This is especially true if delivering workshops & retreats or 1-Day Immersions.

Again, this can differ greatly depending on the unique circumstances of each client, and this will be agreed upon before we begin.

However, the ultimate intention and outcome that we set is for you to be completely empowered and self-sufficient in your own life, not to create co-dependency.

To book me for any of the above, or to discuss the creation of bespoke workshops or retreats, either contact me via my contact page or book an exploration call.