Client Testimonials

Cora’s work is nothing short of revolutionary, her work has changed my life profoundly

Sarah Lloyd Hughes – CEO Game Changers London

Cora is my north star, my rock, my anchor, she is the voice in my head that makes me question things.

She is strong yet gentle in her approach and shows me how to be authentically myself.

The way I approach my business, and my day to day life has completely transformed since working with her.

She is an absolute guru, wise beyond words

Emily Fender – CEO of Empower & Founder of Girl Boss Club

Cora has been a huge part of what has been a transformational year for me.

With her expertise and support, I have been able to get crystal clear on the next stage of my life and career without the fear of dealing with huge overwhelm and sickness again.

She provides a clear path to discovering what makes your life really work for you.

Rhi Morgan – TV Presenter and Yogi

Cora, your coaching is changing my life.

You have given me the courage to put myself first, and to create the life I want.

I cannot put into words the impact that you are having, but I am so grateful.

In short, Cora is the best fucking coach in the world!

Tanya Spence-Kelly – Entrepreneur

Her guidance and presence transcends coaching or therapy – it beautifully leads me into more and more of who I really am

Michelle Fetsch – Visionary and Creator of Woman Enough

Cora’s impact in my life has been totally life changing, inside and out.

Every day I notice all of the things that you taught me that are now shaping the way I lead my life and business, thank you!

Kelly Quinn – Writer & Commercial Strategist

I never in my wildest imagination thought that it would be possible to feel the way that I do in my life.

Since working with Cora I have become the type of leader that completely trusts my own intuition when it comes to knowing what is right for me.

Georgina Jones – Entrepreneur