Client Case Studies

Case Study 1 | From Struggling and Overwhelmed to Clear, Calm & Powerful

My client is a successful, award-winning business growth strategist with a long line of amazing results both in her own business and those that she consults to.

When my client reached out to me she reported feeling scattered and chaotic, with no consistent or grounded daily structures. She found it almost impossible to carve out time for her children and husband and often felt completely disconnected to herself and the work that she was doing.

Her habits were to skip meals because of back to back calls and appointments and go long periods without moving her body.

Over 6 months of working with me she was able to fully integrate new strategies, such as regular and rigorous diary reviews to create awareness of where she was not using her time effectively, but more than that, to use her diary as a tool to help her integrate critical self-care practices including consistent and meaningful time with her family and space to be able to reflect and think clearly.

She was also able to identify that she was trying to do it all by herself, and has since created a team of people around her that are able to fully support her and bring about a feeling of ease.

Not only has my client reported increased capacity and effectiveness in terms of her business, but she feels a sense of calm and freedom in her daily life that she has not experienced before.

Case Study 2 | From Burnout to the Creator and Facilitator of Corporate Wellbeing Programs 

My client is senior management for a large corporate organisation. When she first reached out to me she was on long term-sick leave with stress and burnout and felt that she could not return to her role due to her mental and emotional state.

She reported experiencing high levels of overwhelm and anxiety on a day-to-day basis, and just a general feeling of having no clarity of what was next for her in her life. Within one month of working with me, she reported experiencing a greater sense of daily stability and a huge reduction in her symptoms of anxiety and overwhelm.

Together we created a framework that could support both her professional effectiveness and her need for sustainable self-care practices.

After eight weeks my client was able to access much greater clarity and was ready to explore her options for her possible return to work. She began communicating with her organisation and was able to effectively and confidentally re-negotiate her terms in line with her own clarified personal needs. 

My client returned to work at four months with a fully renegotiated role.

Her openness to share and discuss her personal experiences in the workplace, empowered her to create and head up wellbeing programs for the entire organisation.

She has since been promoted, and is a highly motivated and engaged woman, with a clear and strong sense of who she is and what she needs.

Case Study 3 | From Struggle & Obligation to New Business Clarity

The client is the Managing Director of a third-generation family business and she had an ambitious new vision to implement. Alongside great success, the client had experienced cycles of burnout and illness that caused her to want to explore what was underneath the patterns to enable her to regain control and feel empowered in her leadership.
Weekly one to one coaching revealed her cycles of burnout were a symptom of her lack of personal boundaries, self-expression and self-nurture. I led her in a discovery of what life and business could look like if she were to be in full self-expression of what she wanted and needed.

Within weeks the client was able to communicate clearly and honestly with staff members and family, and through a rigorous review of her diary and work commitments, the client was able to regain control of her wellbeing practices and connect to new levels of creativity and clarity for herself and business decisions.