female Self-Leadership Mentor, Life Architect & burnout specialist

I show women how to deeply reconnect to themselvest so that they can live unapologetically authentic and beauty filled lives.

"It is time for you to become the intentional architect and creator of your own life "

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Bespoke 1-2-1 Mentoring

Are you ready to truly know yourself beyond your own conditioning, struggle, and pain?

To explore the wonder and depth of your own inner wilderness?

To tap into your own innate wisdom and power?

If you are then I invite you to come with me as we uncover your own personal path to the full reclamation and re-creation of your life.

This is a pathway that will ultimately take you from burnout and into the active discovery of what your life looks and feels like on your terms.

It is time.

The Community

This community is for self-led and Soul-led women, changemakers, and visionaries that are ready to go beyond the cycles of struggle and burnout and be the creators of their own destiny.

WOMAN is a space that will support you to continually expand and fully embody the boldest and most authentic version of you.

It is a space where you will be celebrated, uplifted, and renewed, alongside other incredibly empowered women that are walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

compressed immersion

1 - Day In-Person Immersions

Imagine removing yourself from the day-to-day routine of your life and create a powerful interruption that will allow you to actually prioritise and acknowledge yourself!

Trade Zoom for in-person connection and mentoring and finally take some time to reconnect to your Soul, your purpose, and clarify the vision for your life.

Rejuvenate yourself in a luxurious environment with no other focus but YOU, and experience a powerful process of self-exploration that will support you to create a new pathway forward.

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So, what makes me different?

I do not profess to be a ‘guru’ or to know the answers

My knowing is that you are the guru of your own life. 

You and you alone know what is good and right for you.

I merely provide the pathway to the reconnection and rememberance of your own power, wisdom, and guidance and empower you to take the necessary steps to fulfill your most authentic destiny.

I know that we are all profoundly unique

One of the reasons we often struggle so much is because we are trying to fit ourselves into a ‘one size fits all world’ and we are just not like that! My approach is completely bespoke to the woman that I work with, taking into account her whole eco-system and what she needs to succeed in a way that is meaningful to her.

I have been where you are

I have navigated and transformed my own experience of breakdown and burnout, so I know first hand what it takes to create real and lasting change and I have the proven tools to make it happen.

i have a 20 year track record of success and proven results 

I have worked with women from all walks of life and over that time I have co-created some of the most incredible results in their lives, simply by supporting them to re-connect to their own innate wisdom and guidance system.