Sisters are doing it for themselves… And guess what? It’s a shit show!

So-called ‘Self-Empowerment’ has us believing that, in order for us to be strong empowered women, we must do EVERYTHING for ourselves.

It has us feeling like needing and wanting help is a sign of weakness.

It has us suffering in silence because, god forbid anyone should know that we do not have our shit together all the time.

And how is that working out for us?

It’s not.

It’s a shit show!

We are quite literally burning ourselves down to the ground in the name of becoming some kind of superhuman superwoman.

We are exhausted, we are sick, we are overwhelmed, and we are resentful.

So, you have to wonder why?

Why is this cycle, not only continuing but actually getting worse?

Is it a cultural thing?


And that is only going to change by us having more and more honest narrative like this, and by more and more of us being willing to speak up about how it REALLY is behind the veneer of ‘success’.


We must also be willing to look at our part in this ongoing cycle of struggle because if something in our lives is continuing to happen even though we desperately want it to be different, we are 100% contributing to it and enabling it in some way.

Now, I know that that can be a tough thing to hear, let alone accept, but just take a look and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I actually want it to be easier?

Now that seems like an insane question to ask but we really are addicted to the struggle and the identity of being exhausted and super busy.

  • Where am I not asking for support where I want and need it, and why?

Just asking yourself these questions, if you really allow yourself to be honest, will give you real insight into what is going on beneath the surface of this stuff.

The truth is authentic self-empowerment and mastery of self is taking full and radical responsibility for the way we are experiencing our lives.

It is not, and never has been anyone else’s responsibility to give us what we need to be truly happy and sustainable.

Yes, we do need things to change, but YOU are the change.

It is time for you to give yourself what you need and get the help and support that is necessary as you grow and evolve.

It is time to give up the identity of struggle and allow some ease and flow in your life.

You were never meant to do it all by yourself, in fact, we are stronger and better together.

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