Spiritual Lethargy

The Power of Prayer

At this time, I believe that there is a palpable urgency for us to be FULLY AWAKE & SOUL EMPOWERED.

For ourselves, and for the sublimely beautiful planet that we live on, the TIME IS NOW for us to elevate our consciousness and become the active solution for ourselves and the world.

We MUST go from concept to knowing.

From knowing to being.

From being to doing.

We MUST rise above the illusion of fear and separation once and for all and become the powerful creators that we are.

Our awakening HAS to be something that we are not only feeling and experiencing but something that we are powerfully acting from.

It is time to galvanise.

Can you feel it?

I do for sure, but I am also aware of something else…

There is a kind of ‘Spiritual lethargy’ that is settling over our awakening at a time when we are being called to step up in the biggest of ways.

We have the knowledge, and we may even have a level of Spiritual practice to a greater or lesser degree, but we are not REALLY pushing to explore the full extent of who we really are.

We are STILL putting up with SO MUCH LESS than we are capable of.

We are STILL living on scraps in the vast scale of it all.

Are we so conditioned to just survive that it is too late for us to rise?

I hope not, I really do because we are running out of time.

So, what does it take to move from Spiritual Lethargy to the Spiritual Mastery that is required?

I believe it takes a fundamental, permanent, and absolute realisation of WHAT WE ARE NOT.


For the longest of times, we have believed that we are our minds, and in believing that, we have turned this INCREDIBLE resource into a powerful torture instrument instead of something that we can utilise to serve our Divine and highest power.

That torturous and dysfunctional relationship with our mind has meant that peace has become an actual goal! When the truth is, peace is a FUNDAMENTAL REQUIREMENT for us to function and thrive in our lives.

That is how low we have been setting the bar.


We also believe that we are our bodies.

The problem with this particular belief is that our bodies are indeed limited and time-bound, so in thinking we are the body we, in turn, feel limited, frustrated, and fearful.

However, if we are aware of our timeless and eternal selves we know that we have no limitation and we can use our bodies to support and enrich our human experience to the fullest.

We have been suffering from a clear case of mistaken identity.

The ultimate discovery that we are NOT our minds or our bodies allows us to tap into the Eternal that we are and achieve a more spacious and objective relationship with our mental and physical energies.

So, we have a body and a mind, but we are NOT them.

When we know this, we can use them to serve us in the most glorious way.

In discovering our real identity, we are FREE.

Free from fear and limits we can create truly incredible and meaningful lives, taking action on the things that are most important to us.

And this is the best bit…

When we take action that is led by our Divine selves, it does not just benefit us personally but includes the greatest good for ALL.

That is how we become the solution in the world.

However, before we can become the solution for the world we have to first become the solution for ourselves.

How do we do that?

We create our inner experience the way that we want it to be by creating joy and love within.

We create joy and love within by being open to life just as it is and being willing to move with the flow of life itself.

By becoming a cooperative component, we become Pro-Life

Spirituality is not about becoming something special, it is about becoming one with everything – Sadhguru

Right now, we live our lives constantly fighting against life because we are completely made up of likes and dislikes, and opinions and judgements on a MILLION different things.

If you don’t believe me, just for one day, observe how many times you are liking or disliking, judging something as good or bad, right or wrong. You will be shocked to discover that you are almost never allowing life to be as it is.

You are in essence, Anti-Life.

The problem with constantly being involved in our likes and dislikes is that they hold us in very real bondage.

If we like something, we feel no resistance, and allow our joy.

If we don’t like something, we are filled with resistance, and we don’t allow our joy.

There is a MASSIVE realisation to be experienced here.

Our level of joy and happiness depends on one thing and one thing only, the level to which we can stop resisting life and begin to work with it.

Think about a few memorable times in your life when you have felt REALLY happy, bring them to mind and think about what they have in common with one another.

In ALL cases you will find that you were happy because in those moments you had absolutely no resistance to life.

So, Spiritual Mastery is about allowing the flow of love and joy to move through you NO MATTER WHAT.

Saying YES to life, in ALL cases, and finding out that, that is how you become the UNLIMITED CREATOR that YOU are.

By giving up all resistance to life, you will become the love.

By becoming the love, you will extend that out to the world.

In extending that out into the world, you will become the greatest and best hope that this world has.

If WE can do that, then WE will truly create heaven on earth.

I absolutely feel called to shout from the rooftops


No more hearing the call of our Souls and turning away.

No more not taking responsibility for our lives and the impact that we are having in the world.

No more falling short of becoming Master Creators.

It is time to WAKE UP.

This is an opportunity like no other.

Will you take it?

My hope is that you do.

There is a life experience waiting for you that is indescribable in its beauty and abundance.

I want to support as many women as I possibly can to be their own Spiritual Master.

Book a call and explore the many ways in which I am able to do that.

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In Love & Hope

Cora x

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