Here is what my incredible clients have to say.

Over my career I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most incredible women to utterly transform the way they experience themselves and their lives.

Here are just a few…

sarah lloyd-hughes – ceo game changers london

Cora’s work is nothing short of revolutionary, her work has changed my life profoundly”


rhi morgan – Yogi & Womens Circle Facilitator

“Cora has been a huge part of what has been a transformational year for me.

With her expertise and support, I have been able to get crystal clear on the next stage of my life and career without the fear of dealing with huge overwhelm and sickness again.

She provides a clear path to discovering what makes your life really work for you”


kate’s story

I met Cora 8 years ago after suffering a mental breakdown and burnout. I was off work with no idea how to even begin to put myself together again or even go back to what was a very successful career. Working with her has helped me in so many ways that I don’t think I could write it all down and do her justice. But 4 months after we started, I was not only back in work, but in a role I could never have imagined possible. My career and mental health has soared ever since.


rachel clement – corporate leader

I can honestly say that working with Cora has transformed every element of my life from business to personal. Her approach and guidance have enabled me to thrive and not merely survive


Testimonial_K Jay (4)

emily fender – ceo & founder of EMPOWER

The way I approach my business, and my day-to-day life has completely transformed since working with her