Are you ready to be a Soul-led woman?

A liberated woman?

Are you ready to go beyond the cycles of struggle and burnout and become the intentional creator of your own life?,


Wild, Owned by no-one, Magical, Ancient, Nurturer.

She’s had a taste of the freedom that comes from speaking her truth, making choices for her own good, and beginning to shift old and crippling ways of thinking, believing, and being. 

One by one, her chains of conditioning tremble and snap under the force of her growing awareness. 

She’s had a taste of what it means to be a self-led woman and she hungers for more. 

This is a sovereign woman. This is an awakening woman. This is a Soul-led woman.

That sleeping mountain shifting. That budded flower unfurling. That wild land returning. 

So Can You Hear The Call?

The call to step out of the struggle and into the next level of your own mastery.

To finally have the courage and honesty to look at all of the spaces and places that still need to transform and do the necessary work to truly free yourself.

Are you are ready to make the commitment to consistently connect to your to your own Soul’s guidance and tune out, once and for all, anything that is not that?

Are you are ready to learn to be completely led by your own intuition and wisdom, unswayed by opinion and judgement?

Are you are in a space where you are truly ready to take radical self-responsibility of your own energy, time, and action and leave martyrdom, burnout, and victim-hood far behind?

Are you ready to be the Soul-led woman you came here to be, regardless of what others think or say?

Discover your own truth & pathway home to you

It’s time to move beyond the struggle, the exhaustion, the perceived limitations, the self-judgement, and the self-sabotage that at times has kept you smaller than you know yourself to be.

It’s time to break free and liberate yourself from the redundant conditioning of society and the groundhog existence that no longer makes any sense to you.

It’s time to get clear on what living life on your terms looks and feels like.

I joined WOMAN because I wanted to deepen my spiritual and self development journey and live consciously and in my truth. This community has been such a powerful part of my spiritual journey.

I wanted a space with like minded women to share openly and connect on another level of high vibration and authenticity, with love and support and no judgement.

That is what I have received in abundance as part of this incredible sisterhood.

Leila Hassan

What is a Soul-led Woman?

A woman that is finally remembering the forgotten magic & mystery of who and what she really is.

A woman who will no longer deny any part of herself for the comfort or approval of others.

A woman who is unapologetic about who she is, and what she desires.

A woman whose only true compass in life is her own Souls guidance and truth.

A woman that is ready and unafraid to operate outside of the game that we have been playing for so long and instead create her own. Ungoverned. Unrestrained. Free.

A woman that knows that it all begins and ends with her.

A woman that looks to no one to save her but knows herself to be the only real and true saviour.

And if that all feels like a stretch to you, GOOD, you are meant to be stretched.  

Being a Soul-led woman will absolutely require you to stretch beyond the confines of your sometimes-limited perception of who you are and what you are capable of.

Pushing into all of your edges is a necessary part of your becoming. 

But with courage, commitment, and the willingness to do the work you will, without doubt, come face-to-face with the powerful woman that you know is ready and waiting to be uncovered and lived.

I joined WOMAN because I was tired of walking my sacred self path alone.

I craved women who sought MORE from life, love, and themselves. Who wanted to know themselves inside and out while shaping their lives to reflect that. Women who were on the same journey as me, one of self-mastery and leadership IN community.

In my time in this space I’ve grown so much! I’ve stopped feeling constant hyper self-awareness, egg-shell walking around other women, worrying and overthinking about how I might be misunderstood or judged.

Tabitha Jester

It’s time to join WOMAN – The Community

This is your time to join WOMAN and to fully expand and embody the boldest and highest version of you.

To join a place to call home where you are celebrated, uplifted, and renewed, alongside other incredibly empowered women that are walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

Inside of WOMAN – The Community you will…

  • Become a valued member of a sisterhood of like-minded and aligned woman that will provide rock solid accountability, support, and encouragement so that you stay on your path of highest truth and experience a safe and empowered space to process all that you are navigating along the way.
  • Discover practical tools and technologies to be able to master your energy, so that you can feel energised, renewed, and resourced in your everyday life and end the cycles of exhaustion & burnout once and for all.
  • Gain absolute clarity on who you are at your Soul center and cultivate the tools to stay there, so that you can remain balanced, grounded, and confident enough to make clear, soul-led, empowered decisions for yourself in all areas of your life. No more second-guessing yourself!
  • Learn how to liberate yourself from the patterns of people pleasing and co-dependency that often have you in habits of self-abandonment and resentment, so that you can regain control of your life and create honest, healthy, and loving relationships with your loved ones that do not rely on you putting yourself last anymore.
  • Learn tools to navigate your ongoing leadership & healing journey, so that you can continue to grow, evolve, and expand in ways you never thought were possible.
  • Feel more confident to speak your truth and be truly heard, so that you can be free from the care of being judged out there in the world and in turn live a more authentic and empowered life.
  • Have the opportunity to move beyond any sister wounds to be a part of a stimulating and powerful community that will stretch and challenge you, so that you can go beyond your own perceived limitations and stories and experience yourself as a truly Soul-Led & empowered woman.
  • Never feel alone again as you stand shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart with sisters that are just as committed to their own evolution and expansion as you are, and will cheerlead you every step of the way.

Her ability to cut through the noise and lead me back to who I truly am is, from what I’ve experienced, unmatched by anyone I have ever worked with before.

Michelle Fetsch

What will the journey look & feel like?

This will truly be an immersion into YOU.

An epic heroine’s journey and rite of passage that will have you come face-to-face with who you truly are beyond your stories and perceived limitations so that you can fully emerge as the thriving Soul-led woman you came here to be.

What is included:

  • Wisdom Circle Gatherings – These gatherings are the glue that hold a space such as this together. It is where we demonstrate our ability to be consistent and have a level of commitment to ourselves and one another. So, each week we will come together in circle to hear one another’s unique wisdom & insight, celebrate our ongoing growth, and hold space for each other as we continue to step into our individual and collective magic and potency.
  • Workshops & Guest Experts Sessions – Throughout the year you will get the opportunity to learn from myself and a selection of guest experts in the areas of personal mastery, leadership and healing to assist you in your ongoing journey of next-level growth and becoming.
  • Monthly Group Mentoring – As part of the community you will also be able to access monthly group mentoring from me. I have over 20 years of training and expertise in the fields of burnout, wellbeing, leadership & human performance.
  • A Dedicated Secret FB Community – This will be an empowered space to come together for support, sharing, engagement, accountability, inspiration, and grounding
  • WOMAN Resource Area – This is a members only area where you have full access to the entire WOMAN curriculum, workshops, resources, meditations and group coaching to move through at your own convenience
  • In-Person Events – After spending the last few years physically dis-connected from one another it has bought about a new importance to the magic of actually being in physical space with one another when we can. As a result of this there will be opportunities throughout the year to attend in-person meet-ups for those that are able to attend & special WOMAN discounts

A full body, mind and Soul YES is required for the journey that has been created…

WOMAN – A home for Soul-Led Women

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want someone to teach you a 10-step process – Be-ing the soul-led leader of your own life just isn’t like that
  • You want someone else to answer all of your questions – YOU are the one with all the answers, you just need to be asked the right questions and given the space to arrive at your own answers and inherent wisdom
  • You are waiting for someone to save you – No-one is coming…YOU ARE THE SAVIOUR that you are waiting for and you can do this!
  • You still think it is your job to save people – It isn’t, and it never was
  • You want a community that will support and enable you to stay stuck and stopped in victimhood – There are enough spaces in our lives that will provide that and this is not one of them
  • You think you have nothing left to learn – there is ALWAYS some new way to learn and expand

This is absolutely for you if you:

  • Are a woman that is seriously committed to your own self-leadership, growth & expansion
  • Are a woman that is ready to walk walk as well as talk the talk in your life
  • Are ready to finally move past the cycles of struggle & burnout and into the next level of your own self-mastery
  • Welcome being stretched and challenged out of your comfort zone by a community of exceptional women that value and uphold new levels of radical self-empowerment & honesty
  • Want and welcome strong accountability when it comes to creating the next-level vision for your life
  • Are ready to raise the the bar on what it looks and feels like to embody the highest version of yourself without fear or apology
  • Are ready to go beyond the old earth paradigm of conditioning, bondage, and enslavement and are a full body YES to becoming the creator and architect of your own life

The WOMAN Community has been such a powerful part of my spiritual journey.

It gives you the opportunity to deeply connect with other women on the same path, to share with them and learn from them.

I can’t imagine my life without this community

Tanya Valour

So, are you ready?

This a leap and not for the faint-hearted.

But you are not a faint-hearted woman, or you would not be hear still reading this

And you are not alone, there are SO many more of us than you think.

And it is time to come together, in a rite of passage that marks the end of struggle and the beginning of thriving.

That marks the end of one reality and the beginning of another.

One of your own making.

Cora’s work is nothing short of revolutionary, her work has changed my life profoundly.

Sarah Lloyd Hughes

So, let’s sit in open-hearted circle together…

Not to save one another… But to hold space for one another.

Not to be told what to do… But to be witnessed and acknowledged in your innate ability to know your own truth and pathway forward.

Not to be led… But to be accountable to the highest embodiment of your own self & soul-leadership.

Not to follow a ‘Ten-Step Process to Awakening’… But to explore your own unique pathway of becoming.

Not to be told who you are… But to go on a journey to uncover the magic and mystery that is you.

And NOTHING LESS than that.

So, are you hearing and heeding the call? 

Being in community alongside other powerful and dynamic women has hugely impacted both my confidence and leadership when it comes to making bold and clear decisions for my life and my work.

Rhian Long

If after reading this you finally feel like you’ve found a home and you KNOW that you are ready, then it is time to join…

A sacred space that will support and uphold every bit of your becoming.

A space where you will reach new heights of what it is to be a Soul-Led Woman at possibly one of the most important times in human history when we are being asked to choose freedom or continued bondage.

A safe haven that will keep you anchored and grounded no matter what appears on your path.

Take the leap into the mystery and magic that is you and join…

Your Investment:

One of the biggest investments that you will be asked to make as you enter WOMAN is sacred time & space for yourself to truly deep dive into the truth of who you are, and to be completely committed to your own becoming.

In terms of financial investment, the current monthly contribution for this space is £40.00 GBP.

However, I believe passionately that EVERY woman that is serious about her own growth and evolution should be able to access support and resources no matter what her circumstances.

So, if you the right fit for this space and you are experiencing real financial hardship we do offer partial scholarships.

If you are ready to awaken fully to the truth of ALL that you are and thrive, click the button below to book your exploration call with me…

Cora is a specialist in the fields of Feminine Self-Leadership and the prevention and recovery of Burnout in women.

She is also a Spiritual Mentor, and the founder of WOMAN – The Community.

She has worked with women from ALL walks of life for over 20 years to profoundly change their relationship to themselves and their lives.

Through her unique gifts and ways of working she teaches what it is to co-create a life you wildly desire with the support and absolute guidance of your own Divine Soul.

A beautiful and truly liberated life.

After experiencing a huge breakdown and disconnection from herself and her purpose, Cora began her own spiritual rite of passage and awakening which has ultimately led her to a deep understanding of her powerful connection to source and the complete and utter transformation of her life.

It is that powerful connection and transformation that has her passionately committed to the mission of supporting other women to discover their own unique truth and how to embody and live it.

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