The Crown Chakra


The Crown Chakra, also known as the bridge to the Cosmos, is the powerful God Portal that controls your connection to spirit, as well as your sense of universal consciousness, wisdom, unity, and self-knowledge.

It is also associated with the colour violet, reflective of its connection to spirituality and enlightenment.

As you journey though the crown we will be working with the potent healing and clearing energy of the Violet Flame of St Germain, an ascended master and the protector of earth as it goes through this huge evolutionary transformation.

Time to crown up Women!

The Crown Chakra Ceremony | The Violet Flame Transmission – Channelled by Cora Darlington

For this powerful crown activation we invoke St Germain of The Violet Flame who once walked the earth and was a master of transformation and manifestation, who now as an ascended master guards the earth and is aiding in the transformation that is going on on the planet right now.

His potent violet flame is a powerful energy that clears and dissolves all of our blockages and shadows, heals wounding, and frees us of burdens…with our focus, intention and agreement.

Join me as we journey into our mighty crown with will & volition.

Crown Meditation & Healing with Leila Hassan

Create some un-interrupted space and time to receive this powerful violet flame meditation and Re-connective Healing with Leila Hassan