The Power of Prayer

“Prayer is Spirit speaking truth to TRUTH”

The practice of prayer has radically changed my life in these last 6 months, and even though I have experienced a lot of personal resistance and blocks around  the word ‘prayer’, I couldn’t let that resistance or fear of judgement prevent me from sharing my insights and experience of, what I have come to know as a very powerful tool.

I have been meditating daily for the past 7 years and I can absolutely tell you that it has completely transformed me. It has been the opening to inspiration and guidance that has enabled me to create deeper, more loving relationships and connections with others, a career that I have to pinch myself to believe is real, and a love for myself and life that was just not there before.

In meditation I discovered a part of me that is limitless, eternal, and free from all fear. The part of me that is unchanging, and stable.

In the silence I feel whole and absolutely peaceful, and in that silence I learnt to listen, which is impressive for someone that rarely shuts up!

So why pray?

Well, it was nothing that I ever intended to do, it just happened.

One day I just found myself talking out loud to this Universal force that I had learnt to love and trust so much. I was saying thank you for the way that my life had changed, and all of the things that I was happy and joyful about. I began sharing all of my hopes and dreams, and then I began handing over the things that I was worried about, or that made me feel unsure, or that needed healing.

By the time I finished, I felt INCREDIBLE, and I felt an internal shift happening inside me. My connection to the Universe had undergone a kind of deepening. I felt less alone, I felt heard, I felt unburdened.

It was like talking to a best friend.

A best friend that is always looking out for my best interests, that encourages me to relax, that sees and understands my heartfelt desires, and just wants to walk with me toward them.

After that first spontaneous outpouring, prayer has become a beautiful part of my daily practice, but what has been interesting is to witness that I have been consciously keeping it a secret.

I was bought up in the Christian church but left as quickly as I could because I became very disempowered by the doctrine and hypocrisy that I witnessed there.

Since then I have found my own spiritual path, one that is built, not on beliefs, but intuitive knowing, and so I found it difficult to feel at ease with religious language like ‘prayer’, or ‘God’. It felt loaded and uncomfortable to me.

So, for a long time, I have edited myself and allowed fear of judgement to block my sharing of my new-found way of connecting to Universal Source, God, Buddha, whatever. But since my path is continuously calling me to new levels of honesty, freedom, and what I like to call, ‘Spiritual Nakedness’, here I am sharing it with you.

Meditation v Prayer

To me, meditation feels like creating space to listen to the Universe, and prayer feels like talking to the Universe. Neither is less powerful than the other, and both are just different ways of connecting with, what is essentially the creative force of all.

Here are a few ways that I witness the power of prayer impacting my daily life:

Peaceful: I find myself feeling more peaceful because I am able to unburden my worries and fears as they come up instead of just pushing them away.

Love: I find myself thinking about love more. Am I expressing it enough? Am I receiving it enough?

Meditation:  I find I am much emptier going into meditation once I have prayed. It is easier to go into the stillness.

Healing: I am more aware of where I need to heal, and as I ask for the healing I can almost feel it beginning.

On reflection, I have learnt that it really doesn’t matter what gets you into the flow and deliciousness of life, as long as you can get there. And I don’t suppose it matters at all what word is attached to the practice that brings you genuine connection.

Our relationship with the Universe is exactly that, our own personal relationship.

So today I fully celebrate the power of prayer and being Spiritually Naked.

Cora x

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  • Reply Sunni February 19, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    Brilliant Cora
    I Love Praying
    I Pray Everyday
    Your Writing is Succint
    Simply Beautiful
    Thank You

  • Reply Nicola February 20, 2019 at 11:43 am

    Gorgeous – I always say asking the universe and prayer same thing, learning to love the word prayer more without the old story of going to a church school. 🙌💗🙏

  • Reply Tahra May 20, 2019 at 8:41 am

    Your Prayer tool kit is literally shifting my vibration and connection to myself and the Eternal Loving Presence of God.

    Seriously I am so grateful for you.


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