The Thrive Masterclass

Prior to lockdown, burnout was already a huge issue for so many businesswomen. It is the silent epidemic of our time and now, with the challenges and changes that lockdown has brought we are having to juggle our life and business more than ever, so it is even more important and necessary to find sustainable solutions for time management, stress management and energy management to be able to navigate the overwhelm of work-load (at home) and to keep up with the everyday demands of life. kids, partners, and dare we say it try and carve out some ‘me time’.

 It can feel like an impossible situation with zero time to ‘fit it all in’, and the feeling of overwhelm can be too much to bear – BUT there is a solution – a radical solution – one that will allow you to move away from the overwhelm and struggle and burnout and into a place of consistent ease and flow. And this radical solution is what I am excited to be sharing with you in this masterclass.

In this masterclass I will be showing you:

  • Why everything that you have tried so far to fix and prevent burnout has not worked
  • How you can end the cycle of burnout for good so that you can finally let go of the exhaustion and struggle and create a life that is full of ease and flow.
  • How you can stop bleeding unnecessary energy all over the place, and transform the way you feel every day from exhausted and overwhelmed to energised, calm and in control.
  • How you can create more time for ALL of the good things in life with room to breathe, including quality time with your loved ones and space for yourself.
  • How you can take control of your life, business/career to become an unshakeable boss with more time, more energy and more productivity.
  • How you can have your version of ‘having it all’ without compromising your career or personal life.
  • And the radical solution that makes all of that possible.

If you are ready to create a work/life balance with ease and flow where YOU become the architect of the life you want to lead on your terms, make sure you secure your spot on this live masterclass.

Your happiness, wellbeing, relationships and business depend on it…

Cora Darlington

Hi I’m Cora, and I am on a mission to transform burnt-out & time poor female entrepreneurs into resilient leaders of their own lives and businesses.

I have spent over 20 years of my life coaching and mentoring women to take their self-care, joy and effectiveness to a whole new level, with remarkable results. I am also a fully qualified Life coach, Executive Coach, CBT and NLP therapist as well as a qualified Meditation and Yoga instructor.

Now the ironic thing about all of that is that even with ALL of those tools, experience and training, 4 years ago, I STILL managed to find myself completely burnt out. I was trying to juggle a successful and ever-growing coaching business, a corporate role, motherhood, a husband AND just general family life. I was also back and forth the hospital caring for my mum who had just suffered a complete mental and physical breakdown from burning out, which was the result of a lifetime of not knowing how to prioritise her own needs.

It was a dark and yet really defining moment for me…. And I was faced with a question that I see SO many passionate female entrepreneurs having to ask themselves…

Is it possible to have it all?

I faced a HUGE dilemma because I absolutely did not want to give up a business that I loved, and I didn’t want to compromise my goals and my dreams which are essentially a huge part of who I am, but yet there was NO WAY that I could continue on the way I was…

Bone achingly tired, both physically and emotionally.

Uninspired and unmotivated and WAY too overstretched!

So I set about, taking my 20 years of observing and working with women, my own direct experience and all of the tools, training, and expertise I had, to intentionally find a way, create a process and method that would allow women like me and you, passionate, creative, high performing, businesswomen, wives, girlfriends, friends, mums, sisters, daughters to be able to live our lives without compromising the things that mean the most to us… our relationships, our health, AND our careers. 

It has become my life’s work to help a woman to stop living a from a place of depletion and overwhelm and instead create a life experience for herself that feels and is sustainable, joyful, exciting, alive, and rich in EVERY way without compromise.

That is what I want for you.

That is what I make possible.

What My Clients Say

Kelly Quinn – Business Growth Specialist

I no longer approach myself like I am a human performance machine. I actually ask myself how I want to feel each day and that allows me to give myself what I need, which is HUGE.

My life is no longer just about my work and my goals and I am able to spend quality time with my son, as well as having time to myself.

Kate Jay – Intrepreneur

After suffering from a serious burnout I felt like I would never be able to acheive a healthy balance between my life and my career, but through working with Cora, not only have I returned to my role, but I have done it completely on my terms.

I now openly inspire others within my organisation to also take charge of their own wellbeing and have been responsible for introducing wellbeing and mental health narrative and initiatives across the company.

Her belief in me is wonderful – I adore having her as my Coach.

Lina Pio – Founder of Alkemy Consultants

There have been a number of massive breakthroughs as a direct resut of working with Cora, the most important one is that I now have a full appreciation and understanding of who I am, what I am capable of, and what I need to support myself.

Now I am in a position where I have the courage and confidence to go out into the world, and I am making it happen!

Georgina Jones -Entrepreneur

Firstly, I absolutely could not have gotten to where I am today without this time with Cora.

Every step of the way she has supported me and asked me questions that have helped me find my own clarity and truth, and I’ve gained a sense of confidence and control in my life and business that I just did not have before.

To secure your space on this masterclass and take the first step in ending burnout, just click the link below