The Thrive Method

To survive or thrive? That is the question.

How many hours did you work today?

Not just physically in an office, but before breakfast, whilst making dinner, before turning your lights out at night?

And what about time spent on all of the other stuff, like running a home and attending to kids and partners etc? 

It is utterly devastating. 

It’s something I’ve watched my own mother struggle with, and a trait I see in all of my clients. Watching my mother’s light fade away has been, and still is, one of the most painful experiences I’ve had to navigate. But that pain, coupled with my own struggles, is what ultimately ignited the fire in me for the work I do. And, when I witness the thousands of women out there that are also struggling, the fire only burns brighter.

So many of us have been operating from a place of overwhelm, exhaustion and resentment, often for years, denying our own wellbeing and happiness because we believe that struggle and busyness is almost unavoidable and necessary. That somehow it validates our success and proves us worthy.

Sound familiar?

Now let me ask you a different question: How many hours did you spend today attending to YOU?

To your needs?

I’m guessing not many, if any.

I believe it can be different. For all of us. For you. I have an unwavering belief that you deserve to thrive every single day, to feel deeply connected to yourself, your life, AND your work. I also believe, and know from experience, that the ONLY way you can really thrive and become a truly successful and sustainable female leader, is by making your self-nurture YOUR #1 priority. Then and only then, when you are at your fullest, can you go out into the world and do your best work.


I believe that nurture is a general attitude and approach toward yourself, an attitude of believing you are worthy and precious, and it is and attitude and approach that is all too often overlooked, and all too easily abandoned in the fast momentum of our lives.

A valuable question to ask yourself is: What does self-nurture mean to me?

Here is a clue, it is anything that makes YOU feel replenished and renewed. It is anything that makes you feel alive and connected to yourself and life.

So, are you ready to find out what self-nurture is to you?

Are you ready to fill yourself up?

Are you ready to have your life work for YOU?

If you are then it’s time to approach you, your life, and your business, in a RADICALLY different way.

It’s time to celebrate and nurture ALL of who you are, the empathetic AND the assertive, the intuitive AND the analytical, the masculine AND the feminine, and to do the work of discovering what you need to uniquely support yourself.

It’s time for you to put in place a structure and system that supports all of who you are. A method that is made up of 5 Habits, that when implemented correctly will have your life working for you in a way that you did not know is possible.


This is a method that I have personally developed that is dedicated to proving that we do not, and should not, have to choose between the work we love and our health and relationships. I know that it is possible for all of us to thrive in every area of our lives. I’ve seen it happen.

And The Thrive Method is how it happens.

Arianna Huffington has referred to burnout in women as an ‘epidemic of our time’. And that’s not likely to change, unless we as the individual first do the work to know what we need to thrive, and then have the courage to give ourselves what we need, even when it feels uncomfortable to do so.

The truth is that making a conscious decision to thrive instead of survive takes courage. It takes a willingness to be with the feelings of guilt about letting someone down, or the fear of appearing to be somehow less committed to our work.

It takes commitment to learn how to approach ourselves, our lives, and others in a radically different way. But the gift is a reclaimed life that works for you in every way.


These five habits are the foundation of The Thrive Method and allow us to truly know who we are so that we can create a unique, sustainable and nurturing container for ourselves, that allows us to thrive in EVERY area of our lives.


This is all about turning the lens of honesty inward. It’s about being willing to ask ourselves some often difficult questions about how we truly feel in our lives and getting honest about where we are being less than authentic with ourselves. Facing the truth about what is working and what is not gives us the clarity we need to be able to change the things that need to change. Being honest sets us free and puts us in a place of conscious empowered choice.

To accept ourselves exactly as we are is a fundamental part of our own wellbeing. Accepting our strengths and weaknesses, knowing what lights us and up and what doesn’t, allows us to better support and resource ourselves and stops us from wasting any more time feeling like we need to be different, or better. We can then unapologetically get the support that we want and need, leaving us free to be in our own zone of genius and joy.


To know who we really are is to know how to truly support ourselves. Getting crystal clear on our values, what is most important to us and what has us feeling alive and joyful in our lives, allows us to see where we are currently out of integrity with who we are. When we know that, we can create a framework for our life that actually works and claim the self-nurture practices that are right for us, instead of just blindly going through the motions with things that we think we ‘should’ be doing.


So, what is the difference between plain old self-nurture and RADICAL Self-Nurture? Self-Nurture, for the majority of us, is something we do when everything else is done (which is why we almost never find time for it), or it is the thing we have to do because we are already broken down and in crisis.

In contrast, Radical Self-Nurture places you in the front and centre of your own life with the absolute knowing that nothing works unless you do, nothing thrives unless you do and so you MUST be the priority.  Radical Self-Nurture also looks and feels vastly different from one woman to another, and doing the work to discover what YOUR Radical Self-Nurture practices are is crucial in order for you to integrate them fully into your life. When you’re connected to what has you feeling truly cared for, replenished and renewed, you are infinitely more motivated and inspired to claim them as part of your life experience.

Radical Self-Nurture helps us fill ourselves up, and without it we will always be operating from a place of depletion. And that will eventually lead to us burning out; which in turn robs us of our birthright, which is to feel happy and alive every single day.


Ultimately, the only person that is responsible for your life and the way that you are experiencing it, is you. No-one is going to give you permission to do the things that are the best for you, it has to come from YOU. When we understand this and start to practice self-responsibility, we give up being the victim and consciously decide to create what we want for ourselves instead.  We no longer seek approval or validation from anyone else, and although this can feel scary it is the only way to be free.

This work makes you the leader in your own life when it comes to your own care and sustainability.

It is true self-leadership and autonomy. And it feels really good!


This is a fundamental element of The Thrive Method because when you are creating new behaviours, new structures, and new ways of being it is really easy to fail. After all, the old ways of being and acting are strong and well embedded. We are talking about long-term behavioural change, which is not easy, but neither is the way that you are living right now is it?

What makes it much easier and WAY more successful is when you are visible and made accountable for what you are creating for yourself.

In fact, Forbes Magazine says, “accountability is the single most important element in truly succeeding”

So, together we create your unique and bespoke plan and then I provide complete support and accountability until it becomes your way of being, and until it becomes the permanent way in which you approach yourself.

And in a world where it is somehow seen as weak or shameful to want and need support, I believe that every single one of us thrives more in our lives when we feel nurtured and supported.


As I said, the very first step to being able to create any real change in your life starts with getting really honest and clear about what is working and what is not. And I mean, really honest.

That’s why I created something to take you one step closer to getting out of survival and into thriving, right now. This is the first thing that I facilitate with all of my paid clients, and it is hugely powerful.

To get your hands on it just click the link below and start taking action today. You deserve to do more than just survive in life, you deserve to Thrive.

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