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My chosen Soul assignment is to assist women to fully reconnect to their own unique Soul’s guidance so that they can uncover the unconditioned truth of who they really are and finally stop living from a space of disconnection, self-abandonment, depletion and burnout and instead move into the powerful creation of ease, flow, and fulfilment.

My unique way of working is a truly holistic one and is a powerful blend of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual mentorship, combined with the very practical tools and application that must be there if we are to truly manifest change and transformation in both our outer and inner world.

So, come with me on the path to the full reclamation and liberation of your life.

A journey that will take you from struggle to thriving.

A discovery of what life on ‘your terms’ looks and feels like as a self-led, and ultimately, Soul-led woman.

During our time together you will…

  • Get crystal clear on what is NOT working in your life, and most importantly, WHY – so that you can clear the constant mind fog and uncover a new way forward that is unapologetically on your terms and free from the bondage of people pleasing
  • Gain true clarity on WHO you are and WHAT you want outside of social expectation and conditioning – so that you have a clear vision on what ‘life on your terms’ actually looks and feels like in a very real and practical sense

  • Discover and deal with the dysfunctional conditioning, disempowering habits, and wounds that have you stuck and stopped and going round in circles even though you know that there is another way – so that you can finally heal and move forward with confidence and consistency, guided by your own Soul’s intuition & wisdom
  • Learn how to set empowered, healthy, and loving boundaries that are not grounded in toxic self-protection and fear – so that you can stop being exhausted and resentful and instead reclaim your energy and have honest, loving, and empowered relationships with the people that matter most in your life
  • Actively discover, practically apply, and integrate your own unique nurturing practices and rituals that will best support you – so that you can end the constant cycles of burnout and gain a high level of mastery when it comes to managing your own energy and life force
  • Learn many tools and resources that will allow you to constantly connect with, and hear, your own innate wisdom and inner knowing – so that you can make sure-footed decisions and navigate your life from an authentic and grounded space versus feeling pulled from pillar to post by the outside world with all of it’s noise, expectation, and opinion that do not, and never have, belonged to you
  • Cultivate a beautiful eco-system of support and encouragement all around you – so that you can finally give up the struggle of trying to do everything on your own and allow yourself the gift of giving your time and energy to the projects and people that truly light you up
  • Become the leader and architect of your own life, inner and outer. A self-led woman. A Soul-led woman. That trusts herself, and knows herself. A woman that can navigate ALL that life brings her way.

Her ability to cut through the noise and lead me back to who I truly am is, from what I’ve experienced, unmatched by anyone I have ever worked with before.

Michelle Fetsch

The possibility of profound transformation is endless when you say ‘YES’ to the pure guidance of your Soul. 

It’s when we make the ultimate commitment to listening to that voice first and foremost, and then take the active steps in line with that guidance, that we change the trajectory of our lives forever. 

That is true IN-powerment and liberation indeed.

And it is my privilege to guide these women and witness them transform their relationship with themselves and life in the most profound way.

​My 1-2-1 work is tailored specifically to the needs of each woman and I work with a limited amount of clients on a 1-2-1 basis, so to apply to work with me book an Exploration Call by clicking on the link below.

I also provide bespoke one-day intensives, personal and corporate workshop facilitation, and professional speaking services. To discuss what is possible please email me at

​​Book an Exploration Call 

Cora’s work is nothing short of revolutionary, her work has changed my life profoundly.

Sarah Lloyd Hughes

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