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Meet the Creator, Founder & Woman behind it all

Hi, I'm Cora.

Female Leadership Coach, Burnout Specialist & Life Architect, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Wife, and Mother. 

Over the length and breadth of my own journey I have come to know that powerful leadership begins with the willingness and ability to truly know and lead oneself, so for over 20 years, I have mentored over a thousand women, from all walks of life, to profoundly transform their relationship to themselves, and therefore transform every aspect of their lives.

 The truth is, you deserve to have a life that feels deeply fulfilling.

That feeds and nourishes you rather than drains and depletes.

But in order to have that, you must first be willing to go inside and do the work to know who you are outside of your own conditioning and pain.

And that means being willing to learn to step out of the bondage of victim-hood and into the radical responsibility and leadership of your own life.

When you dare to have the courage to do that, you earn the power and wisdom to transform everything.

And you will finally know yourself to be the heroine and creator of your own story.

"I am on a mission to support humanity to shift from deeply flawed and damaging systems and ways of being into a new world of freedom, vibrancy, empowerment and unity"

One of the fundamental reasons that most of us are burned out, exhausted, and living unfulfilling and stressful lives is that we do not truly know who we are and what we want, outside of conditioned societal expectations that are built on a lifeless and profoundly disconnected concept of what a successful and meaningful life should look and feel like.

Therefore, we are often merely existing and living a version of life that is far from our own.

Before we know it we are worn out, worn down, and lost.

But there is another way, and that way is YOU.

You have all the answers.

You have all the solutions.

You have the blueprint to the most incredible life experience.

My work supports you to tap into your own innate wisdom so that you can receive a clear vision for your life and work that is yours and yours alone.

I support you to become the leader of your own life.


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How I mentor to support powerful change & transformation to take place

My Unique Approach.

I am a fully trained Leadership Mentor and Coach, Therapist, and Yoga & Meditation Facilitator that has spent a lifetime immersing myself in the study of human psychology, somatics, spirituality, and eastern philosophy, following my own burnout and subsequent transformation.

My very own Heroes Journey.

Therefore, my approach is truly a holistic one that takes into consideration the complete eco-system of a woman, which allows me to create powerful and practical tools and strategies that support her emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being and leads to a deeply succesful and abundant life, in ALL ways.

This powerful blend has produced the most amazing outcomes for the women whose lives I have had the blessing and pleasure of being a part of.

What experience do I have?

I have a wealth of professional training and experience in the fields of leadership, performance, well-being, and burnout and have worked with people of all kinds, from solopreneurs to CEOs of large corporations to stay-at-home mums, but perhaps the most valuable experience that I offer is that of the personal kind.

Having navigated my own very personal experience of disconnection and burnout, I know first-hand the kind of courage and inner leadership it takes to re-claim and recreate your life.

It is this direct knowing and experiencing that has truly allowed me to create the necessary pathway to do just that.

That is something that no qualification, governing body, nor piece of paper could ever provide.

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Some fun facts...

01 I Love

Gangsta rap & Yoga in equal measure


An obsession with hats!


Beach walking, tree hugging, and hanging out with my little family


Like 1000000 cups of coffee a day

Find out all the ways you can work with me

You are truly a one-off.

As a result, I only offer completely bespoke 1-2-1 mentoring, 1-Day In-Person Immersions, Group Workshops & Retreats.

I am also available to create and deliver bespoke talks, and you can book me for relevant podcasts, IG lives, and youtube conversations by clicking on my contact page.