Group Q&W Sessions

Welcome sister, here you will find replays of our Group Q&W’s where we come together collectively to explore any number of topics that we as an empowered sisterhood of women put forward.

The practice of this is to gather together and be witnessed in our own exploration, discovery, and collective wisdom, experience, and insight.


December 2021 | Group Q&A session…

In today’s collective session we explore the topics of:

  • How our ‘stuff’ can get in the way of clarity and solutions
  • Identifying our inner child projections
  • Different ways of relating to our body outside of societal expectation and conditioning
The ‘UNFUCK YO-SELF Session.

In this group collaboration we share our magic strategies and tools that we use to shift and transform our energy and consciousness and own what we already know and who we are.

Collectively coming to the table both as masters & students.

January 2022 | Group Q&A

In today’s collective session we explore the topics of:

  • Triggers…will they ever stop? How might we transform them?
  • Protecting our energy
  • Vibrational Resonance
  • Managing our own expansion in relation to others
  • The shadow of co-dependence

February 2022 | Group Q&A

In this Group Q&A we explore…

  • The connection between Self
  • Worth and financial abundance
  • Energy Management
  • Spiritual and Practical Tools
  • The attachment to physical memories
  • The attachment to physical ‘stuff’

March 2022 | Group Q&A

In today’s Group Q&A we talk about…

  • The potency and power of clearing space for the new to manifest
  • How to protect your energy, create new culture, and set boundaries amongst negativity
  • How to support women
May 2022 | Group Q&A

In today’s LIVE Q&A we explore:

  • How to own and step into our BIGNESS
  • Re-creating our own rules around wealth and profit
  • How to navigate lots of choices
  • Identifying paralysing self-sabotage patterns
July 2022 | Group Q&A
August 2022 | Group Q&A

Welcome to July’s Q&A here in The Mystery School…

In this community session we inquire and share our collective wisdom, experience and insight on:

  • The connection between stress & illness and how to manage our energy and stay resilient when our physical body is unwell
  • How to get our needs met without ‘nagging’ or fighting
  • When do Self-Care and boundaries become selfishness?

In this months gathered & collective wisdom we explore…

  • Boundaries – Healthy or Protection that is no longer needed?
  • Tips on preparing for weekly Circle Calls
  • Reclaiming yourself after motherhood – getting your ‘juju’ back
  • Letting go of any fear of being your BIG self
November Q&W

In our collective session we explore the topics of Ego & Desire