Welcome to our Guest Expert Sessions.

Here you will find next-level masters and facilitators, delivering sessions on anything from money to relationship that have all been intentionally selected to help guide us in stepping into our fullest potential as the Divine Sovereign Souls that we truly are.

Welcome to The Sacred Money Masterclass with Business Alignment Coach and Wealth Amplifier, Malaine Leah Butler

In this masterclass she will be leading you through a powerful session where you will meet the Soul of money and understand the energetic foundation of your relationship with money, and much more…

So grab a pen and paper and settle in.

Healing the Masculine & Feminine with Katie Phillips

In this session Katie will be leading you through this transformational exploration into your empowered and disempowered Masculine & Feminine and how they are playing out in your life.

The Liberation of Money Workshop with Cora Darlington

The intention of this workshop is to liberate your relationship with you money energy.

So, join me as we explore…

  • The Shadow of Your Money… What are your shadow behaviour’s around money? Where are you still carrying guilt and shame? We need to get clear on these things because we cannot transform anything that we have not faced, accepted, and reconciled.
  • Money Alignment…Is your money flowing in an aligned way? Does it clearly show who you are and what you say is valuable to you? Is it flowing in a way that supports your desires in life? What needs to change?
  • L O V E Money… Let me guide you in a meditation where you learn to love money again and recognise abundance in ALL ways.
New Year New Moon in Capricorn with Francesca Hampson

In this powerful and informative session Francesca takes you through how to harness the power of the moon’s energies in ALL its cyclical magic.

The focus will be on accessing all that is offered in a brand new lunar phase, the new moon, as well as the cardinal and future focused qualities of Capricorn.

The energies we work with are ’dream BIG’ and ‘get clear’, you are about to lay your foundations.

Your Bounty Blocks with Lucy Lloyd
Speaking with your Soul Masterclass with Cora Darlington

Join Lucy in this incredible masterclass where she will share with you the 2 most commonly held negative beliefs about money, explain why they are holding you back from experiencing next level abundance, and take you through a group Money Blocks hypnotherapy session to upgrade your relationship with money.

To prepare for this session…

  • Create a sacred, safe and comfortable space for yourself
  • Bring along your journal and pen
  • Have a drink to hand

In this masterclass, I guide you through a powerful process to communicate with your higher self within so that you can hear your inner wisdom and guidance loud and clear.

When you are able to tune into your inner voice and tune out the noise of the world you can begin to create a life that is completely guided by the highest and most powerful part of you that no longer needs external approval or validation.

A liberated and fulfilled life.

Your Signature Vibration – with Sandy Hornsby Cauthen

In this powerful session, healer Sandy Hornsby Cauthen will be leading you in the exploration of your own signature vibration.

The vibe that you put out when your guard is down. Who you truly are.

To prepare for this session fully you will need to:

Make a list of what you would like your Signature Vibration to be. This is the ultimate self. What do you wish to project out in the world. Keep it to one to two word descriptions otherwise you lose the impact in all the words

Make a list of feedback that people tell you about yourself. These present as statements like “you’re so loud” or “you really challenge me to think”

We will also have a Sacral clearing and planting of what we want our vibration to be.

To further assist with the clearing it would be great for you to have a bowl of salt water and/or a flame nearby.

Also have a space where you can sit with your legs crossed or in butterfly pose with your feet together so we can wake up the spine with a Sufi Grind.

Blood Rituals – Honouring Our Inner Seasons With Samala Lee Bygraves

In this session, led by Woman’s Health Coach & Author Samala Lee Bygraves, we learn all about the lost art, beauty, and potency of connecting with our bodies and our bleed as we move through the monthly internal seasons of our sacred vessel.

Samala talks us passionately through how to nourish and nurture ourselves during these various cycles, and how to harness these stages to amplify our creativity and life force.

The Dark Moon Ritual

In this session, we will be amplifying the transformational power of the dark moon, which is a time for going inward, meeting the darkest parts of ourselves and bringing them out into the light in order to be transformed.

To Prepare bring a...

Journal/paper and Pen Candle – black, purple ( or any colour you have available – the intention is what counts)

Crystals – Moonstone, Carnelian, Smokey Quartz, Tourmaline, blood stone (optional)

Access to fire ( you have the option to burn whatever you write after the ritual)

Space to move/dance and a comfortable place to lie down.