The Root Chakra

The Mulhadara

The Muladhara or root chakra is the first of our sacred energy centres.

Located at the base of the spine, It helps us to feel connected to the Mother Gaia and gives us the sense of feeling grounded or rooted, this allows our energy to flow and that sense of security means that we are much more likely to take up space in our lives, and speak our truth.

The Root Chakra is also the birthplace of our self-worth, integrity, and where our sense of belonging is nurtured.

Join me while we journey together sisters into your sacred root, the birthplace of our sense of stability and grounding.

Here you will find a Sacred Ceremonies and transmissions to support you in this important foundational exploration.

The Sacred Root Chakra Ceremony – Chanelled by Cora Darlington

Travel within sisters to the root of your being and see what wants to be witnessed, seen, held, healed and loved there.

Soul Reclamation Shamanic Journey – with Joel Bennett

Joel is an experienced Trauma specialist, psychotherapist, cranial sacral therapist, psychospiritual guide and shamanic practitioner.

The aim of this potent and shamanic session is to guide you into having a back into having an even deeper understanding of the parts of you that you may have developed to survive.

We will explore turning our will and power from survival, into personal choice and liberty.

We will also call parts of ourselves that we may have forgotten, cast away or disconnected from back into our hearts.