The Soul Core Feelings Blueprint

A Gift From My Soul To Yours…

Divine Sister,

Welcome to the gift of your own unique Soul Core Feelings Blueprint, and the first step in reclaiming your sovereignty!

I have worked for well over 20 years specialising in the prevention and recovery of burnout in women.

And what I know for sure is that the fundamental reason we burnout is that we have become disconnected from the innate wisdom of our own Soul.

We have been conditioned out of our knowing of what is good and right for us, and many of us find ourselves living lives that are more connected to societal expectations than our own truth.

We are often stuck in a perpetual holding pattern of putting off our joy to a future time and space that, in truth, never comes and we miss out on the potent possibility to be fully embodied in our lives NOW.

It is because of this that I have created an entire body of work that leads a woman back to the pure essence of who she is so that she can create Soul-guided eco-systems around her that, not only make it possible to feel joy and fulfillment every single day, but that also bring about a sense of self-connection and wellbeing that is vital if we are to BE the powerful leaders, visionaries & creators that we truly came here to be.

The Soul Core Feelings Blueprint process that I created and am gifting you with today is one of the first steps toward the powerful liberation of your one precious life, and the mastery of your energy and life-force.

Remember sister, you are a Divine Being that has come to experience HUGE joy & abundance in every moment.

And nothing less than that!

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Cora’s work is nothing short of revolutionary, her work has changed my life profoundly.

Sarah Lloyd Hughes | CEO Game Changers London

Cora is a specialist in the field of Divine Feminine Leadership, a Spiritual Mentor, and the founder of bodies of work such as Thrive & The Awakened Woman Mystery School.

She has worked with women from ALL walks of life for over 20 years to profoundly change their relationship to themselves and their lives.

Through her unique gifts and ways of working she teaches what it is to co-create a life you wildly desire with the support and absolute guidance of your own Divine Spirit.

A sovereign and truly liberated life.

After experiencing a huge breakdown and disconnection from herself and her purpose, Cora began her own spiritual rite of passage and awakening which has ultimately led her to a deep understanding of her powerful connection to source and the complete and utter transformation of her life.

It is that powerful connection and transformation that has her passionately committed to the mission of supporting other women to discover and remember the truth of their own sovereign divinity.

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