The Throat Chakra


The vishuddha or throat chakra acts as the body’s communication hub. It’s where you find your voice, speak your truth, and sing praises…for yourself and others.

This chakra is associated with speaking up and expressing yourself, but also with hearing and being heard.

Never has it been more important that we use our own powerful voice to speak our truth into the world but that can feel unsafe if we are still carrying trauma and wounding, our own and ancestral.

So, here you will find some incredible tools to learn to find your voice and set your tone for all to hear.

The Throat Chakra Opening Ceremony | Facilitated by Cora Darlington

Welcome to the opening ceremony for the Holy Portal of Self-Truth, the throat chakra.

This ceremony signifies the beginning of an active and intentional exploration into your throat chakra, a discovery of what needs your awareness, your acknowledgement, your celebration, your healing.

Things said, and un-said, truths wanting to be expressed through you freely and without resistance and restriction.

A liberation of your unique, powerful and true tone.

To prepare for this session:

  • Create Sacred Space
  • Have a Journal & Pen
Singing is Healing Session – Liberate Your Voice | With Leslie Garbis

Leslie’s work helps women to liberate their voices! During this very powerful session we will be discovering the things that may be impeding this process, and then we will begin to systematically let those thoughts, habits, tensions, and beliefs go.

How freeing!

How healing!

To prepare for this session:

  • Create sacred space with a blue candle, water, anointing oil, journal & pen
  • Be prepared to make some noise!

Throat Chakra Yoga Nidra | Cosmic Blue Ocean

Welcome to this Yoga Nidra where we will be focusing on the all-important throat chakra.

This fifth chakra of your being is a beautiful blue, is centered at your throat and orients you with clear communication, easeful expression, creativity and truth.

So just rest back and rejuvenate here stretched out in shavasana or in any position which you feel rejuvenates your physical form.

This practice will both soothe and rejuvenate all parts of you for your power nap or bedtime before drifting you away into your most healing deepest divine sleep.

To prepare for this Nidra:

  • Light a candle – Have some water or herbal tea to hydrate
  • Gather two pillows. One for underneath your head, the other for underneath your knees
  • Gather a heavy blanket to put over your body
  • Gather an eye pillow to place gently over your eyes