Thrive Live – Weekly Show

My weekly show is for soul-guided women that are ready to reclaim and transform their lives.

I’ll be going live every Monday at 12:30 GMT delivering truthbombs, practical tools, and tips that will make it possible for you to finally live a life of ease, flow, and fulfilment.

It is time for you to become the Soul Creator of your own life.

Spring Equinox Meditation – It’s Time To Return To The Light

As we celebrate the Spring Equinox, and the literal return to the light join me for this special meditation that will help you clear out your energy so that you are able to receive new life and new possibilities.

This meditation kicks off the new, Living In The Light Series.

In this powerful series, I will be speaking to some incredible women and Soul Sisters about their journey to the light and what they do each and every day to receive their guidance and live from that Soul-Guided space.

Episode 16 – It’s time to stop numbing out.

Happy International Woman’s Day.

It is my wish that every woman lives her life from a place of complete, unapologetic love and honouring of herself.

That she is as much an advocate for herself as she is for everyone else.

In today’s episode, I talk about what makes that possible.

Numbing out and self-abandoning V Feeling, growth and unconditional self-love.

Episode 15 – Your life is like Groundhog Day.

If you want to know WHY you are finding it impossible to break the cycle of ‘Groundhog Day’ and WHAT you can do about it, join me for this episode of Thrive LIVE.

Episode 14 – You have no energy and you are pissed off all the time.

Let’s talk BOUNDARIES!!!

Why you haven’t got any and why, even when you have, they are not working.

Without boundaries you will get eaten alive by life.


In order for them to be successful there are some things that you need to know.

That is what I share today.

Episode 13 – You don’t know who you are, you don’t know what you want, and you don’t know what you need.

As brutal as that sounds, for most of us this is the truth!

We are wandering around like robots living a life that we had no hand in ‘consciously’ creating.

Join me in this weeks episode where I share how you can reconnect with the most important person in your life.


Episode 12 – You have all the ‘time management tools’ in the box but you still can’t make it work.

Why is that?

This week I talk about the fundamental missing piece when it comes to your time management.

It’s a game-changer!

Episode 11 – Exercise your choices or you will continue to struggle

At a time when it feels like there are more limitations being placed on you than ever let’s explore in today’s episode the choices you could be making that will put you back in charge of your life.

You are freer than you think!

Episode 10 – I had been ignoring my Soul and if you’re honest, so have you

Let’s begin this year with a whole other level of honesty and a real opportunity for transformation!


Episode 9 – Why the pressure to be positive is killing you

Let’s get real about what it actually takes to Thrive in your life & business every day, and it has NOTHING to do with being positive all the time.

Episode 8 – You know what you need to do to transform your life, but you’re still not doing it.

Why is that?

Join me this week to discover…

The 4 Reasons WHY you are struggling so much to form new habits.

AND I share some of my most powerful tips and strategies to get you unstuck once and for all.

Episode 7 – It’s not them, it’s you! The toxic habit that is draining you of ALL of your energy & power

This week we get REAL about the habit that is eating you alive and taking away your ability to live an amazing life.

Episode 6 – The secret to REALLY loving yourself.

In this episode, I share with you the secret to REALLY loving yourself & why, up until now, you have not been fully able to.

And I will be talking about the fact that without real self-love you will always fail in life & business.

Mostly I am trying to say YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT and I want you to know that in every cell of your being too.

Episode 5 – If you are feeling like your life is not your own… It’s not.

Join me in this episode where I talk about WHY we are often living someone else’s idea of life and HOW you can take back the control and become The Architect of your own life experience.

Episode 4 – The One Radical Shift To Avoid Getting Sucked Into the Global Burnout

With nowhere to ‘run to’ for respite, business owners (no matter how successful) are burning out.

This week I share the radical shift you HAVE to make if you want to create space to breathe and thrive, even in this chaotic world we find ourselves in.

Episode 3 – Your mind is running you ragged and it will NEVER stop! Unless you do this one thing

This week I will be lifting the lid on WHAT is going on with your mind, WHY it is literally running you ragged every single day, and HOW you can make it stop.

Episode 2 – Is fear of what others think stopping you from living your life & creating your business the way you REALLY want it?

In this weeks episode I talk about the fact that how you live your life is no-one else’s business and that NO-ONE is going to give you permission to live your life & create your business the way you REALLY want to.

So, tune in for a great big slice of the truth and some practical tips on what it takes to become the architect of your own life

Episode 1 – If you are struggling, guess what? It’s your fault.

I kick off this week talking about WHY your struggle and stress is actually of your own making, therefore making it impossible to create the ease and balance that you say you want.