Thrive Live – Weekly Show

If you’re a passionate entrepreneurial woman who is done with the grind & burnout, and is ready to breathe space, energy & flow into your life & business then this is a must watch.

Each week I will be delivering truthbombs, tools and tips for a life that flows so you can stop pushing and experience more time, joy and freedom in your day.

It’s time to ditch the stress, pressure, overwhelm and negative global impact and start Thriving NOW.

And of course, I’ll ALWAYS be dropping the value bombs on how to turn that around!

Episode 1 – If you are struggling, guess what? It’s your fault.

I kick off this week talking about WHY your struggle and stress is actually of your own making, therefore making it impossible to create the ease and balance that you say you want.

Episode 2 – Is fear of what others think stopping you from living your life & creating your business the way you REALLY want it?

In this weeks episode I talk about the fact that how you live your life is no-one else’s business and that NO-ONE is going to give you permission to live your life & create your business the way you REALLY want to.

So, tune in for a great big slice of the truth and some practical tips on what it takes to become the architect of your own life

Episode 3 – Your mind is running you ragged and it will NEVER stop! Unless you do this one thing

This week I will be lifting the lid on WHAT is going on with your mind, WHY it is literally running you ragged every single day, and HOW you can make it stop.

Episode 4 – The One Radical Shift To Avoid Getting Sucked Into the Global Burnout

With nowhere to ‘run to’ for respite, business owners (no matter how successful) are burning out.

This week I share the radical shift you HAVE to make if you want to create space to breathe and thrive, even in this chaotic world we find ourselves in.