The Thrive Mastermind

The time has come for us, as heart-centered entrepreneurial women and leaders, to challenge and redefine for ourselves what it actually means to be successful and to create a life that feels truly in alignment with who we are in our heart and soul.

No longer do we have to sacrifice precious time with our families and loved ones in order to succeed.

No longer do we have to struggle with daily stress and overwhelm.

No longer is it necessary to compromise our own wellbeing and aliveness.

No longer should we continue to ignore the whispers of our Soul.

There is another way to live and be.

The Thrive Mastermind has been specifically created to lead the way in what it looks and feels like to live a soul guided life.

One that inspires true ease and flow and that ends the addiction to overwhelm and exhaustion.

And one that allows you to have success without the struggle and sacrifice.

In this space, we will be working toward one common goal….to thrive EVERY SINGLE DAY in EVERY area of our lives.

It is time for you to put yourself at the centre of your own life, and give yourself exactly what you need, unapologetically.

It is time to become the Soul Creator of your own life.

What to expect & what is included:

This space will be facilitated by Radical Self-Nurture Specialist, Cora Darlington.

Cora has worked in the coaching and mentoring field for over 20 years and specialises in working with women in burn out.

In this community, you will be actively learning and growing with like-minded women and applying practical strategies and tools to help you cultivate a life that allows you to grow your business or develop your leadership joyfully and sustainably without compromising the things that matter the most to you.

You will benefit from the following:

  • Monthly group coaching from an expert with over 20 years of experience in this specialised field
  • Full accountability for the life that you truly want to create for yourself
  • A monthly Guest Expert Session to further support your growth and wellbeing
  • Full access to the Thrive Mastermind Members Area, which is packed full of tools and resources to support you as you completely transform your life
  • A dedicated private Facebook group where we will be sharing our insights, victories and challenges
  • An extraordinary community of like-minded women that encourage, support, and inspire one another

The investment to be a part of this community Is £50 GBP/PER MONTH

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