Movement & Medicine for the Soul

To dance is to know, to dance is to remember, for our body holds the secret to our deepest healing

To move is medicine for the Soul

So what is MOTION?


In many cultures and spiritual traditions, dancing is practiced as a means of coming closer to spirit, to encounter the divine, and as an expression of that relationship that already exists between the body and the Soul.

MOTION is movement medicine that will unlock the wisdom and secrets that are literally held within your muscles, in your bones, in your organs, and in your cells.

In the dance, our bodies talk…. and in the dance, we learn to listen deeply to the clear guidance of our own Souls.

MOTION is a practice of moving meditation that helps you to cut through the noise of the mind and find a sense of peace, inner strength, and inner freedom.

MOTION is a sacred practice of embodied, expressed, creative, spirituality.

MOTION will transform your relationship with the past, and help you reach a new level of intimacy with your body and Soul that will, in turn, transform your future.

And the good news is, you absolutely don’t need to be able to dance, you just move the way your Soul leads you to move!!!

Why is embodied movement SO important to my long-term wellbeing & healing?

If it is hard to feel, it is hard to heal. 

Our feeling states are often hidden and rarely simple and we live in a society that does not teach us nor encourage us to feel.

Instead we are conditioned to numb, avoid, and bypass.

We bury our uncomfortable feelings, past wounding, and trauma and hope that it all goes away, but unchecked and unprocessed it effects our lives in a million different ways.

We are all hardwired to respond to overwhelming experiences in the same way. We contract away from danger, we run, we fight, we freeze, or we shutdown. 

But there is another way to respond…And it is through your body.

Embodiment movement helps you to develop your capacity to feel, which is a powerful tool in processing, integrating, and healing your pain, anxiety and trauma.

Connecting to your body is essential to support safe, contained processing of traumatic and wounding experiences.

This next level of healing does not happen at the level of the mind, it happens through the wisdom and movement of your body.

My dance became a prayer, a sacred dance with my Soul


Is MOTION for me?

MOTION is for you if…

  • You are ready to break out of the oppressed and inhibited version of yourself and pioneer a brand new way of being in the world free of trauma and conditioning
  • You feel disconnected and alienated from your own body
  • You are sick and tired of keeping it all in and want to find a powerful and productive way to just let go
  • You find it difficult to get out of your own head and be present
  • You find it hard to regulate and allow your own feelings without feeling ashamed or out of control
  • You struggle with overwhelm, stress & anxiety that stops you from feeling the joy and aliveness that you deserve

Are you ready to claim ALL of who you are and reach the next of level healing & wholeness?

What to expect

This is an in-person group gathering but please remember that you do not need to be a ‘dancer’ to come to this class. There will be no dance routines to learn, and you cannot make a mistake or get it wrong.

It is simply about you learning how to be led by your body in movement, and whatever that looks like is just as it should be for you.

This is not a space for competition, comparison, performance or perfection, this is a space and opportunity for you to get super present with yourself and let go.

The lights will be low, the music will be amazing, it will be powerful, and it will be fun!

What to bring to a MOTION class

  • Wear clothes that allow for maximum movement & comfort
  • Bring a mat, water, journal & pen – there will always be an inquiry element as part of your session
  • Finally, come with an open heart & mind to receive a brand-new experience

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The Creator & Facilitator

Your facilitator for MOTION is Female Leadership Coach & Burnout Specialist, Cora Darlington

Cora has spent over 20 years immersing herself in the study of human psychology and performance, somatics, spirituality, and eastern philosophy.

Her unique blend of training and experience has cultivated a unique approach that has helped over a thousand women, from all walks of life, to profoundly transform their relationship to themselves and their lives.

To find out more about her work, click the link below

“I never in my wildest imagination thought that it would be possible to feel the way that I do in my life, thank you Cora” – Georgina Jones – Entrepreneur

“Cora’s work is nothing short of revolutionary, her work has changed my life profoundly” Sarah Lloyd-Hughes – CEO Game Changers London